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2012Both Sides Now : final report, November 1, 2008 - December 31, 2011Lindsay, Nicole; Sagebien, JuliaIDRC Only
1984Botryodiplodia stem rot of cassava and methods of selecting varieties for resistanceOtim-Nape, G.W.Open Access
1972Botswana (formerly Bechuanaland Protectorate)IDRC; Savage, G.Open Access
1990Botswana : development and co-ordination of information and informatics policiesDatta, A.; Baffour-Awauh, M.Open Access
1980Botswana aqua privyWilson, J.G.Open Access
1980Botswana Polytechnic and its involvement in the teaching of sanitationAttew, J.E.Open Access
Nov-1978Botswana prepares for free educationChilisa, ErnestOpen Access
1988Botswana's new breed : milk and beef for a desert countryCox, R.; Gregory, D.Open Access
1979Botswana's self - help communityEndrst, J.Open Access
1999Bottlenecks in the informal food - transportation network of Harare, ZimbabweLeybourne, S.L.; Grant, M.Open Access
1997Bottom line : industry and the environment in South AfricaBethlehem, Lael; Goldblatt, MichaelOpen Access
2011Bottom of the pyramid expenditure patterns on mobile services in selected emerging Asian countriesAgüero, Aileen; de Silva, Harsha; Kang, JuheeOpen Access
2002Boucler la boucle : le CRDI suscite le changementCRDI, Direction générale des programmes et des partenariatsOpen Access
1993Boues et des briquesNewton, PeterOpen Access
2006Boundaries of belonging : reflections on migration policies into the 21st centuryInter Pares; Crosby, AlisonIDRC Only
1976Bouquet - like attachment plate for telomeres in leptotene of rye revealed by heterochromatin stainingThomas, J.B.; Kaltsikes, P.J.IDRC Only
1991Bourgeons axillaires et multiplication végétative de DioscoreaNwoke, F.I.O.Open Access
2006Bourse de formation écosystème et santé humaine : rapport final de terrainNdiaye, El hadji MalickIDRC Only
2006Bourses du CRDI aux chercheurs candidats au doctorat : bilan et rapport d'activitésDjibo, FrancisOpen Access
2003Bourses du CRDI aux chercheurs candidats au doctorat : rapport final du récipiendaireNavarro-Flores, OlgaOpen Access