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1984Technological capacity and production performance in the fertilizer and the paper industries in BangladeshQuazi, H.A.IDRC Only
1995Technological change : rediscovering the engine of productivity growth in China's rural economyJikun Huang; Rozelle, ScottIDRC Only
1981Technological change and peasants in Latin AmericaProyecto Cooperativo de Investigación sobre Tecnología Agropecuaria en América Latina; Instituto Interamericano de Ciencias Agrícolas; De Janvry, A.; Crouch, L.IDRC Only
Apr-1988Technological change and project execution in a developing country : evolution of Ajaokuta Steel Plant in NigeriaOyeyinka, Oyebanji; Adeloye, OluwoleOpen Access
1983Technological change in small holder agriculture : a comparative study under traditional and improved production systems in the Pujehun District of southern Sierra LeoneSam, S.M.B.IDRC Only
1973Technological change in Thai industry : final report on Phase 1Applied Scientific Research Corporation of ThailandIDRC Only
1983Technological change in the Latin American metalworking industry : results of a programme of case studiesKatz, JorgeIDRC Only
1980Technological change, transfer and diffusion in textile spinningRath, AmitavIDRC Only
1983Technological change, transfer, and diffusion in the textile industry in IndiaRath, A.Open Access
1976Technological constraints in design and implementation of the technology policyKunMo ChungIDRC Only
1985Technological content and behavior of artisans' co-operatives and small scale industries in Ethiopia : technology policy issuesTadesse, T.IDRC Only
1986Technological content and behavior of artisans' co-operatives and small scale industries in Ethiopia : technology policy issuesEthiopian Science and Technology Commission, Industry and Technology Research CouncilIDRC Only
1975Technological dependence and developing AfricaLardner, G.E.A.IDRC Only
1981Technological dependence and industrialization : the case of EthiopiaShiferaw, G.IDRC Only
1976Technological dependence and self-reliance in underdeveloped countries : a background report to the STPI ProjectCardettini, OneliaIDRC Only
1975Technological dependence/self-reliance : a survey and critical appraisalCardettini, OneliaIDRC Only
1976Technological dependence/self-reliance : some general remarksSercovich, Franciso C.IDRC Only
1975Technological dependence?Barrio, SergioIDRC Only
1985Technological development in the Indian coal industry since nationalisationIndian Council for Research on International Economic Relations; Kumar, R.IDRC Only
1980Technological development of jute industry in BangladeshTalukder, M.A.IDRC Only