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1990Tariff policy, income distribution, and long run structural adjustment in a dual economy : a numerical analysisMcMahon, G.IDRC Only
2001Tariff reduction and functional income distribution in Pakistan : a CGE modelSiddiqui, R.; Iqbal, Z.IDRC Only
2001Tariff reduction and income distribution : a CGE - based analysis for urban and rural households in PakistanKemal, A.R.; Siddiqui, R.IDRC Only
2007Tariff reductions, carbon emissions, and poverty : an economy-wide assessment of the PhilippinesCorong, Erwin L.Open Access
1994Tarification dans les services d'information documentaireDiouf, I.IDRC Only
2001Tarim Basin Desertification and Water Management (2nd phase) : final technical reportTsinghua University, Institute of Techno-Economic & Energy Systems Analysis; Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Agricultural ModernizationIDRC Only
1997Tarim Basin desertification and water management : final technical reportTsinghua University; Qiu Daxiong; He Jiankun; Yu Suhua; Shi Zulin; Gu ShuhuaIDRC Only
1991Taros et la crise alimentaire en AfriqueLyonga, S.N.; Nzietchueng, S.Open Access
1990Tasa de cambio negra y ajuste macroeconómico experiencia con el mercado de cambios dual colombiano (1970 - 1990)Correa, PatriciaIDRC Only
2011Tasa de interés para la AFD : propuesta de políticas e instrumentosInsfrán Pelozo, José AníbalOpen Access
1985Taste of coffee, coconut and fruitWasilewski, A.Open Access
1990Taste of saltPotworowski, A.Open Access
2012Tasty water of the good Samaritan : collaborative governance and rural capacity enhancement for adapting water sources to climate changeMensah, Kenneth; FitzGibbon, JohnIDRC Only
1995Taudis urbains au Viet NamGirard, DanielOpen Access
1998Tax reform and revenue productivity in GhanaKusi, N.K.Open Access
1998Tax reform and tax yield in MalawiChipeta, C.Open Access
2006Tax reform, income distribution and poverty in Brazil : an applied general equilibrium analysis; final reportde Souza Ferreira Filho, Joaquim Bento; dos Santos, Carliton Vieira; do Prado Lima, Sandra MariaOpen Access
1995Tax reforms in Tanzania : motivations, directions and implicationsOsoro, N.E.Open Access
2005Tax system for micro, small and medium enterprises (M/SMEs) in Egypt : international models and recommendationsThabet, Tarek; Kadeim, Tarek; Zaki, Gamal; Assem, AshrafOpen Access
2005Tax system for micro, small and medium enterprises (M/SMEs) in Egypt : international models and recommendations [Arabic version]Thabet, Tarek; Kadeim, Tarek; Zaki, Gamal; Assem, AshrafOpen Access