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1994Traditional knowledge research for sustainable developmentAkhtar, S.; Lalonde, A.IDRC Only
2001Traditional learning approaches (Zimbabwe / SADC) : final technical reportHatar, A.IDRC Only
2007Traditional Lebanese recipes based on wild plants : an answer to diet simplification?Batal, Malek; Hunter, ElizabethIDRC Only
1979Traditional low cost transportation in Indonesia : the becak; case study, BandungSoegijoko, Budhy Tjahjati S.IDRC Only
1979Traditional low cost transportation in Indonesia : the becak; case study, Bandung; special studies and appendicesSoegijoko, Budhy Tjahjati S.; Sujarto, Djoko; Kusbiantoro, B.S.; Ro'yat, Sudjana; Effendi, ZukeiniIDRC Only
2006Traditional maize storage methods of Mayan farmers in Yucatan, Mexico : implications for seed selection and crop diversityMoreno, Luis Latournerie; Tuxill, John; Yupit Moo, Elaine; Reyes, Luis Arias; Alejo, Jairo CristobalIDRC Only
2000Traditional management of seed and genetic diversity : what is a landrace?Louette, D.Open Access
1994Traditional management practices study : waterfowl in the Mushkegowuk Region; draft reportLinklater, L.S.; Stadel, A.IDRC Only
2002Traditional medicine and medicinal plants : research, practice and policy; workshop report, Mangochi, Malawi, 4-5 Apr. 2002Chikuni, A.C.; Saka, J.K.; Maliwichi-Nyirenda, C.P.IDRC Only
2007Traditional medicine and medicinal plants policy communication : strategy report 2007National Coordinating Agency for Population and Development (NCAPD); Achar, PaulIDRC Only
1979Traditional medicine in Zaire : present and potential contribution to the health servicesAhluwalia, R.; Méchin, B.Open Access
1981Traditional methods of contraception of the Malays : an exploratory studySoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Loh, Lee LeeOpen Access
2010Traditional pastoralist decision-making processes : lessons for reforms to water resources management in KenyaRobinson, Lance W.; Sinclair, A. John; Spaling, HarryIDRC Only
2012Traditional science, technology and innovation in the context of a modern incubator research and development agency : strengthening linkages between traditional and modern knowledge systems for social inclusionWendiro, Deborah; Dhabangi, Margaret; Mayambala, Janeffer; Mwanja, ChristineIDRC Only
2011Traditional science, technology and innovation systems in the context of a modern incubator research and development agencyUganda Industrial Research InstituteIDRC Only
2001Traditional water management systems : from local practices to a rehabilitation approach; a guide for actionInternational Secretariat for WaterIDRC Only
1988Traditional weaning practices in EthiopiaAbate, G.; Yohannes, C.Open Access
1996Traditions agricoles chez les Pémons au VénézuelaEberlee, JohnOpen Access
1985Trafficking in Apartheid : the case for Canadian sanctions against South AfricaSACTU Solidarity Committee (Canada)IDRC Only
1997Tragedy of Keith, Prince of Albert Street : a bilingual play by Master Jean-H. Guilmette; a disciple of William Shakespeare [play prepared for Keith Bezanson's farewell party, Feb. 26, 1997]Guilmette, J.H.Open Access