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1990Teachers of the KarakorumsAga Khan Foundation Canada; Arthur Holbrook Productions, Inc.; Holbrook, A.; Pirker, R.K.; Pacsu, M.IDRC Only
1979Teachers schooled in healthAmaya, S.Open Access
1998Teachers' beliefs about teaching English as a second language (ESL) : two case studies of ESL instruction in ZimbabweNyawaranda, V.IDRC Only
1989Teaching / learning strategies in Lesotho primary school classroomsNational University of Lesotho, Institute of Education; Sebatane, E.M.; Chabane, C.M.; Lefoka, J.P.IDRC Only
1989Teaching / Learning Strategies in Lesotho Primary School classrooms : project dissemination seminars, 9-11 Jan. 1989, 23-24 Jan. 1989; reportNational University of Lesotho. Institute of Education; Sebatane, E. MolapiIDRC Only
1989Teaching : extension reference manual / Lamphun Agricultural College [Thai language]Lamphun Agricultural CollegeIDRC Only
Mar-1989Teaching and learning biology in Kenya : volume 1, educating the elite : harmony and conflictNamuddu, CatherineOpen Access
Mar-1989Teaching and learning biology in Kenya : volume 2, teacher participation in research for professional growthNamuddu, CatherineOpen Access
Mar-1989Teaching and learning biology in Kenya : volume 3, backbenchers as pacesetters; a small price for individualismNamuddu, CatherineOpen Access
1987Teaching and learning social values and morality : a proposal submitted to the IEAInstitute of Education; Purves, A.; Coombs, J.; Daniels, L.; Eng Soo Pek; Thomas, R.IDRC Only
Oct-1992Teaching and learning strategies in Lesotho : an empirical perspective of primary school classroomsSebatane, E.M.; Chabane, C.M.; Lefoka, J.P.Open Access
1989Teaching and psychological researchOmari, I.M.; Okatcha, F.M.; Kariuki, P.W.Open Access
1994Teaching and research in science and technology policy and management of technology in CanadaPolicy Research International, Inc.; Rath, A.IDRC Only
1986Teaching children of the poor : an ethnographic study in Latin AmericaAvalos, BeatriceOpen Access
1983Teaching failureAvalos, B.Open Access
1996Teaching mixed - market economics in Havanael-Raifi, RoulaOpen Access
1985Teaching of selected concepts and processes in the Dominican Republic and other countriesCannon, P.L.; Robitaille, D.F.IDRC Only
1981Teaching parents, teaching childrenIDRC; McKee, N.Open Access
1994Teaching Primary Science with Pupils' Experiences in Mind. A Case Study in KenyaTwoli, N WIDRC Only
11-Feb-2016Teaching Public Policy for the Arab World : final technical reportMakdisi, Karim; Rassi, RimaOpen Access