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9-Jun-2016Targeted and untargeted approaches unravel novel candidate genes and diagnostic SNPs for quantitative resistance of the potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) to Phytophthora infestans causing the late blight diseaseMosquera, Teresa; Alvarez, Maria Fernanda; Jiménez-Gómez, José M.; Muktar, Meki Shehabu; Paulo, Maria João; Steinemann, SebastianOpen Access
1994Targeting basic health problemsZaman, RoushanOpen Access
2014Targeting climate change hot spots : introducing the Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA)IDRC. Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA)Open Access
2013Targeting diseasesOomman, Nandini; Cleghorn, FarleyOpen Access
2011Targeting the worst-off for free health care : a process evaluation in Burkina FasoRidde, Valéry; Yaogo, Maurice; Kafando, Yamba; Kadio, Kadidiatou; Ouedraogo, Moctar; Bicaba, Abel; Haddad, SlimIDRC Only
1982Tarhui doux des Andesde Feferbaum, S.Open Access
1990Tariff policy, income distribution, and long run structural adjustment in a dual economy : a numerical analysisMcMahon, G.IDRC Only
2001Tariff reduction and functional income distribution in Pakistan : a CGE modelSiddiqui, R.; Iqbal, Z.IDRC Only
2001Tariff reduction and income distribution : a CGE - based analysis for urban and rural households in PakistanKemal, A.R.; Siddiqui, R.IDRC Only
2007Tariff reductions, carbon emissions, and poverty : an economy-wide assessment of the PhilippinesCorong, Erwin L.Open Access
1994Tarification dans les services d'information documentaireDiouf, I.IDRC Only
2001Tarim Basin Desertification and Water Management (2nd phase) : final technical reportTsinghua University, Institute of Techno-Economic & Energy Systems Analysis; Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Agricultural ModernizationIDRC Only
1997Tarim Basin desertification and water management : final technical reportTsinghua University; Qiu Daxiong; He Jiankun; Yu Suhua; Shi Zulin; Gu ShuhuaIDRC Only
1991Taros et la crise alimentaire en AfriqueLyonga, S.N.; Nzietchueng, S.Open Access
1990Tasa de cambio negra y ajuste macroeconómico experiencia con el mercado de cambios dual colombiano (1970 - 1990)Correa, PatriciaIDRC Only
2011Tasa de interés para la AFD : propuesta de políticas e instrumentosInsfrán Pelozo, José AníbalOpen Access
1985Taste of coffee, coconut and fruitWasilewski, A.Open Access
1990Taste of saltPotworowski, A.Open Access
2012Tasty water of the good Samaritan : collaborative governance and rural capacity enhancement for adapting water sources to climate changeMensah, Kenneth; FitzGibbon, JohnIDRC Only
1995Taudis urbains au Viet NamGirard, DanielOpen Access