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1992Third common property conference of the International Association for the Study of Common Property, Washington, DC, 17-20 Sept., 1992 : inequality and the commons; wildlife in the ocean commons - whales and other beastsHolt, SidneyIDRC Only
1974Third International Conference on Intrauterine ContraceptionIDRC; Population CouncilIDRC Only
1994Third international family nursing conference, May 25-28, 1994, Montréal, QC, Canada : program and abstractsMcGill University, School of NursingIDRC Only
1988Third International Soil Management Workshop : Management and Utilization of Acid Soils of Oceania, Belau, Feb. 2-6, 1987Demeterio, J.L.; DeGuzman, B.IDRC Only
1988Third International Solanaceae Congress : biology, sistematics, geography, July 25-30 1988, Bogota, Colombia, South AmericaInstituto Colombiano Agropecuario; Linnean Society of LondonIDRC Only
1992Third interregional workshop on health systems research, Cuernavaca, Mexico, July 27 - Aug. 7, 1992 : reportInstituto Nacional de Salud Pública; WHO; IDRC; Task Force on Health Research for Development; Pan American Health OrganizationIDRC Only
1992Third Interregional Workshop on Health Systems Research, Cuernavaca, Mexico, July 27-Aug. 7, 1992Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública; WHO; IDRC; Task Force on Health Research for DevelopmentIDRC Only
1992Third medium term work plan for 1992 - 1996African Regional Centre for TechnologyIDRC Only
1990Third Meeting of the Asian Fish Health Network, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, 30 Jan.-4 Feb. 1989Asian Fisheries Society; Asian Fish Health NetworkIDRC Only
1999Third meeting of the Intersessional Group (ISG3) : Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety, Yokohama, Japan, 1-4 Dec. 1998; final reportIntergovernmental Forum on Chemical SafetyIDRC Only
1996Third Meeting of the Support Group on Urban Agriculture (SGUA) : proceedings, Mar. 18-19, 1996The Urban Agriculture Network; IDRC; Wilson, B.L.Open Access
1972Third Meeting on Fortification of Mandioca Products.Brazil. Ministério da Saúde; Brazil. Ministerio da Agricultura; Nestel, B.L.Open Access
2005Third MSSRF South - South Exchange Travelling Workshop, 15-22 Oct. 2004, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, India : workshop reportM. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Centre for Research on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentOpen Access
1986Third Oilcrops Network Workshop, Addis Ababa, Oct. 6-11, 1986 : concluding remarksKer, A.D.R.Open Access
1990Third Pan Arab Seminar on Leishmaniasis and Other Zoonoses : existence of leishmania major in the South of Syria; causative agent of Damascus bollKhiami, A.Open Access
1990Third Pan Arab Seminar on Leishmaniasis and Other Zoonoses : the presence, distribution and seasonal abundance of potential vectors of cutaneous and visceral leishmaniases in JordanKamhawi, S.Open Access
2001Third PME training workshop schedule (May 31 - June 2, 2001)-Open Access
2003Third SAARC Peoples Forum, 15 - 17 August 2003, Ridoypur Vidyaghar, Tangail, BangladeshPolicy Research for Development Alternatives (UBINIG)IDRC Only
1972Third style for AsiaCorea, G.IDRC Only
1997Third technical and financial report to IDRC, May 1996 to May 1997International Network for the Improvement of Banana and PlantainIDRC Only