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1998Towards greater effectiveness of industrial research institutions : some tools and trendsRath, A.IDRC Only
1994Towards greater effectiveness of industrial research institutions : some tools and trendsRath, A.Open Access
2003Towards implementation of a national food fortification programme in South Africa : final reportUNICEFIDRC Only
2014Towards improved Chagas and dengue disease control through innovative ecosystem management and community-directed interventions : an eco-bio-social research programme on Chagas and dengue disease control in Latin America and the Caribbean; final technical report (October 2008 - January 2014)Sommerfeld, JohannesIDRC Only
2010Towards improved market access for ASEAN agricultural commodities : donor partnerships strategy and planEvans, GraemeIDRC Only
May-2013Towards improved market access for ASEAN agricultural commodities : final technical report, November 2009 – May 2013Lum Keng Yeang; Loke Wai Hong; Sastroutomo, Soetikno; Sue Mei Jean; Chan Fook Wing; Low Ying Chiang; Romney, DannieOpen Access
2010Towards improved market access for ASEAN agricultural commodities : project inception meeting report, Palm Garden Hotel, Putrajaya, Malaysia, 23rd to 26th March 2010CABIIDRC Only
1973Towards integrated control of insect disease vectorsLaird, M.IDRC Only
2007Towards integrating community-based governance of water resources with the statutory frameworks for IWRM : a review of community-based governance of freshwater resources in four southern African countries to inform governance arrangements of communal wetlandsPollard, S.; Cousins, T.IDRC Only
2006Towards national and global agendas : Latin America and the CaribbeanBerdegué, Julio A.; Schejtman, Alexander; Chiriboga, Manuel; Modrego, Félix; Charnay, Romain; Ortega, JorgeIDRC Only
1999Towards new indicators of success in humanitarian mine action : report from Roundtable Discussion PRIO, Oslo, 3 Mar. 1999International Peace Research Institute; IDRC; Norwegian People's Aid; Juergensen, O.T.; Berg Harpviken, K.; Nergaard, P.IDRC Only
1986Towards Optimal Feeding of Agricultural Byproducts to Livestock in Africa : proceedings of a workshop held at the University of Alexandria, Egypt, Oct. 1985African Research Network for Agricultural Byproducts, Secretariat; Preston, T.R.; Nuwanyakpa, M.Y.IDRC Only
2003Towards partnership in organisational capacity developmentCarden, F.; Muniruzzaman, I.K.IDRC Only
1997Towards policy framework and vision for National Aquatic Resources Institute in Lao PDR : proceedings of the Workshop on Aquatic Resources Research and Establishment of the National Aquatic Resources Institute (NARI) of Lao PDR, Vientiane, Lao PDR, 19-21 March 1997Rahman, M. AtaurIDRC Only
2002Towards poverty reducing macroeconomic policies : strategy paperGunter, Bernhard G.IDRC Only
1994Towards sustainability : the fishery experienceCharles, A.T.IDRC Only
1992Towards sustainable agricultureThird World Network; Shiva, V.IDRC Only
1998Towards sustainable animal production systemsPaul, JohnIDRC Only
1992Towards sustainable development : environmental degradation and the rural poor of KenyaAsiema, Joy K.IDRC Only
2006Towards sustainable development in Angkor, Cambodia : social, environmental and financial aspects of conserving cultural heritageThyl De Lopez, Thanakvaro; Ponlok, Tin; Proeung, Som; Sinoeun, Choeun; Thea, SingOpen Access