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1998Tanzania Essential Health Interventions Project (TEHIP) research : scope and approachesTanzania. Ministry of HealthOpen Access
2009Tanzania Essential Health Interventions Project : a joint initiative of Tanzania's Ministry of Health and IDRCTEHIPOpen Access
2002Tanzania Essential Health Interventions Project : TEHIP "interventions"; an overviewde Savigny, Don; Kasale, Harun; Mbuya, Conrad; Munna, Godfrey; Mgalula, Leslie; Mzige, Ali; Reid, GrahamOpen Access
1992Tanzania experiences in industrial interface program and awards at the Nova Scotia research foundation corporation; Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1st June-30th August 1991Haule, K.IDRC Only
1986Tanzania Farming Systems project : final technical reportOregon State University; Acker, D.G.; Lev, L.S.IDRC Only
2010Tanzania ICT sector performance review, 2009/2010Materu-Behitsa, Mary; Diyamett, Bitrina D.Open Access
1977Tanzania LANDSAT training programme reportLaurentian University of Sudbury; Kurji, F.; Ngana, J.O.; Kikula, I.S.; Tapper, G.O.IDRC Only
1995Tanzania mining industry : an investigation on its potential to attract metallurgical and engineering industriesMushingwe, B.; Department of Mining Engineering, Queen's UniversityIDRC Only
2003Tanzania plague : ecosystem Lushoto-IDRC Only
Dec-1982Tanzania rewards scientific achievementMkamwa, JohnOpen Access
1977Tanzania rural water supply sector studyWHO/IBRD Cooperative ProgramIDRC Only
2007Tanzania traditional food recipesGuga, Y.; Kunulilo, M.; Maundu, P.IDRC Only
1995Tanzania's trade with PTA countries : a special emphasis on non traditional productsMusonda, F.M.Open Access
1994TAPADO slash / mulch : how farmers use it and what researchers know about itCornell University, Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development; Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza; Thurston, H.D.; Smith, M.; Abawi, G.; Kearl, S.IDRC Only
1998Tapping indigenous knowledge : antioxidants in the traditional diet of the MaasaiShore, KeaneOpen Access
2001Tapping into community resources in ChinaWaldick, L.Open Access
2005Tapping into demand : a new approach to water supply in VietnamIDRC Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia. EEPSEAOpen Access
1984Tapping the farmers' wisdomRussell, N.Open Access
1996Tapping the resources of NGOs : the need for global informationRashid, Harun URIDRC Only
2002Tarahumaras de basihuare : una comunidad relacionada con la sierra-IDRC Only