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2008Trade-off between trade and the environment : a study from VietnamIDRC Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia. EEPSEAOpen Access
1996Tradición entre los indios pemón de la Gran SabanaEberlee, JohnOpen Access
2001Trading diamonds for gunsShore, K.Open Access
1985Trading houses in India : an evaluationIndian Council for Research on International Economic Relations; Misra, L.IDRC Only
1989Trading responses to food market liberalization in Sub-Saharan Africa, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, May 2-4, 1989 : planning workshop for research projectSantorum, A.; Jones, S.IDRC Only
2005Trading to equality? : gender equality and trade liberalisationUNRISD; Bisnath, SavitriIDRC Only
1996Trading with developing countries : a level playing field?IDRCIDRC Only
1996Tradition among the Gran Sabana PemónEberlee, JohnOpen Access
1978Tradition and change in the Fijian villageNayacakalou, R.R.IDRC Only
1985Traditional African societies and indigenous technology : a case study of the Umuahia - Igbo communities of South Eastern NigeriaAsiegbu, J.U.J.IDRC Only
1973Traditional agriculture sector : a study of misdirected investment; draftBaron, L.IDRC Only
1991Traditional agroforestry practices in ZimbabweCampbell, B.M.; Clarke, J.M.; Gumbo, D.J.IDRC Only
Jul-2013Traditional and new forms of young women's political engagement in a transitional context : Tunisia as example; executive summaryBen Salem, MaryamOpen Access
Jul-2013Traditional and new forms of young women’s political engagement in a transitional context : Tunisia as exampleBen Salem, MaryamOpen Access
1976Traditional birth attendants as hilot maternal and child health - family planning aides in Philippine rural communitiesInstitute of Community and Family Health; Del Mundo, F.; Cruz, G.; Dionisio García, F.IDRC Only
1974Traditional birth attendants in IndonesiaPoerwodihardjo, S.Open Access
1974Traditional birth attendants in MalaysiaPeng, J.Y.Open Access
1974Traditional birth attendants in ThailandAsavasena, W.Open Access
1974Traditional birth attendants in the PhilippinesBayon, F.B.Open Access
1983Traditional cassava detorification processes and nutrition education in ZaireBourdoux, P.Open Access