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Jan-2014Technical report : barriers to technology adoption in the CARICOM and PeruEngle-Warnick, Jim; Escobal, Javier; Laszlo, Sonia; Raeburn, KaywanaIDRC Only
2010Technical report : building capacity for feminist research in Africa; gender, sexuality and politics (January 2009-August 31, 2010)Bennett, JaneIDRC Only
2004Technical report : critical reflections on the research processChazan, M.IDRC Only
2007Technical report : EcoHealth training grantWebb, JenniferIDRC Only
1994Technical report : evaluation study of school network sufficiencyAl-Shahary, Mohammed HashemIDRC Only
2011Technical report : gender and the agricultural innovation system in rural Afghanistan; barriers and bridgesHozyainova, Anastasiya; Parto, Saeed; Mihran, RozbihOpen Access
1993Technical report : One City Project - Phase 2 (April 1992 - March 1993)PlanactIDRC Only
1995Technical report : policy and institutional priorities for industrial technology developmentXu Zhao-xiangIDRC Only
2007Technical report : project planning for regional health and ICT research networkUmaly, Ruben C.; Khoja, Shariq; Scott, Richard E.; Bee Li Cheah, Molly; Ramos, Angelo Juan O.IDRC Only
1991Technical report : Rental and Shared Housing (Latin America)Gilbert, AlanIDRC Only
2010Technical report : research project "Implications of Salinity Intrusion for the Peri-urban Food Systems of Khulna in South-Western Bangladesh"Munim, KhandakerIDRC Only
1986Technical report : rubellaUniversiti Sains Malaysia, Dept. of Immunology; Simmons, P.; Noor Sham Shaari; Jamaruddin Mat Asan; Pang Yeong MingIDRC Only
2010Technical report : the 34th Annual Conference of the Federation of the ASEAN Economic Associations (FAEA) on “The Impact of the Global Economic Downturn on the ASEAN Countries and How to Mitigate the Impact on Poor People” on 15-16 December 2009, Phnom PenhSophal, ChanIDRC Only
2007Technical report : the political economy of trade policy in the Middle East and North Africa; a comparative study of (selected sectors in) Morocco and EgyptKheir-El-Din, Hanaa; Ghoneim, Ahmed; Bastawi, Akrum; Achy, Lahcen; El-Mikawy, Noha; Nugent, JeffreyIDRC Only
2006Technical report : Uganda Health Information Network, January 2005 - March 2006Ladd, Holly; Sewankambo, NelsonIDRC Only
May-1993Technical report : Water and Sanitation Information Network; final reportIndonesia. Ministry of Public Works; Center for Scientific Documentation and InformationIDRC Only
2005Technical report and calendar of activitiesCloutier, D.Open Access
2007Technical report Argentina trip for the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) : water and youth 1st international meeting local message from the Nile Valley to Buenos Aires conference April 12th to April 14th 2007Freiji, Lynn; Youssef, SarahIDRC Only
1992Technical report for a study of Byssinosis syndrome in Guangzhou, ChinaGuangzhou Occupational Disease Prevention and Treatment CenterIDRC Only
1992Technical report for geographic information system : Dongting LakeChinese Academy of Sciences; Hunan Remote Sensing CenterIDRC Only