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1976Theoretical framework for the evaluation of the process of housing consolidationFundación Salvadoreña de Desarrollo y Vivienda Mínima; González Polío, E.IDRC Only
1980Theoretical implications of pastoral development strategies in East AfricaRigby, P.Open Access
1996Theoretical perspectives on gender and developmentCommonwealth of LearningIDRC Only
2000Theoretical perspectives on gender and developmentIDRC; Parpart, J.L.; Connelly, M.P.; Barriteau, V.E.Open Access
2005Theories of change : exploring of IDRC understandings about capacity development; first draft reportGillespie, BryonOpen Access
2010Theories of change and evaluation of Malaysian rural Internet centersAlias, Nor A.; Jamaludin, H.; Hashim, S.; Ismail, I.S.; Suhaili, N.Open Access
1974Theory and design of a system for printing and communication in Arabic - Urdu - Farsi languagesIDRC; Université de Paris VI; Hyder, S.S.; Richer, F.IDRC Only
1985Theory and practice in forage germ plasm collectionLazier, J.R.Open Access
2000Theory and practice of frontier development : Vietnam's contributionVictoria University of Wellington; De Koninck, RodolpheIDRC Only
1979Theory and practice of induced breeding in fishHarvey, B.J.; Hoar, W.S.Open Access
1979Theory and practice of induced breeding in fish [Arabic version]Harvey, B.J.; Hoar, W.S.Open Access
1997There is no other DniproSchevchenko, T.G.IDRC Only
2015There when you need it : the multiple dimensions of public access ICT uses and impactsSey, Araba; Bar, François; Coward, Chris; Koepke, Lucas; Rothschild, Chris; Sciadas, GeorgeOpen Access
1977There's gold in that garbageDorozynski, A.Open Access
1993Thermal properties of building materials at elevated temperaturesNational Research Council of Canada; Hu, X.F.; Lie, T.T.; Polomark, G.M.; MacLaurin, J.W.IDRC Only
1991Thermodynamic analysis of energy needs : a case study in a Mexican villageMasera, O.R.; Dutt, G.S.IDRC Only
1984Thermodynamics applied to the storage of yam tubersOsuji, G.O.Open Access
1989Thermoregulation in the Asiatic giant honeybee Apis dorsata (Hymenoptera: Apidae)Makhdzir bin MardanIDRC Only
1973Thesaurus interfaces in agricultural and allied fields.Leatherdale, D.IDRC Only
1990Thesaurus international de la terminologie relative aux réfugiésAitchison, J.IDRC Only