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1991Tesauro internacional de terminologia sobre los refugiadosACNUR; Aitchison, J.IDRC Only
1978Tesauro multilingüe de POPINS para América Latina : un análisis del borrador preparado en marzo de 1978Centro Latinoamericano de Demografía; Acuña, S.; Conning, A.M.; Johnson de Vodanovic, B.IDRC Only
1991TesaurosBanco del LibroIDRC Only
1985Teses sobre o ecologismoSociedade Visconde São Leopoldo; Soffiata, ArthurIDRC Only
2007Tesis de diplomado : Cruzamiento natural en taxones del género Capsicum (ajíes y pimientos) en CubaÁlvarez, Alejandro GonzálezIDRC Only
2007Tesis en opción al título de maestro en biología vegetal : manejo de la producción de semillas en fincas tradicionales de CubaFormental, Victoria MorenoIDRC Only
2000Testimonials about IDRC on the occasion of its 30th anniversary celebrated on Oct. 17-18, 2000, and congratulations on Guiyang Workshop, China, Oct. 16-20, 2000IDRC; Castillo, G.T.; Head, I.L.; Jian Zehui; Zhu Lilan; Zonghan Zhu; De Koninck, R.Open Access
2013Testing an asset-based, community-driven development approach : 10 years of action research in Ethiopia; a reflection paper for the 2013 IDRC Canadian Learning ForumPeters, Brianne; Mathie, Alison; Legesse, SolomonOpen Access
1996Testing for market imperfections : participation in land and labor contracts in Turkish agricultureEconomic Research Forum; Bedi, Arjun; Tunali, InsanOpen Access
1983Testing of designs of crop livestock systemsZandstra, H.G.IDRC Only
1975Testing of transport packages for electronic equipmentAsian Packaging Information CentreIDRC Only
1979Testing procedures and association of some characters with yield in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)Baldos, Danilo P.IDRC Only
1999Testing the waters : indigenous ecotours in VenezuelaShore, K.Open Access
1984Testosterone and estradiol - 17 beta production by goldfish, Carassius auratus, ovarian follicles in vitro : influence of season and environmental conditionsGarcía B., L.M.IDRC Only
1988Tetraciclina al amanecerHarris, R.Open Access
1978Text of a speech ... to the Annual Meeting of the United Nations Association of CanadaHead, I.L.Open Access
1978Text of a speech by Ivan L. Head to a Seminar on a Challenge for Change in Third World AgricultureHead, I.L.Open Access
1978Text of a speech by the Honourable Ronnie de Mel, Minister of Finance, Government of Sri Lanka to the Board of Governors of the International Development Research Centre, March 1978De Mel, R.IDRC Only
1972Text of opening statement of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, at the first plenary meeting of the conference.Strong, M.F.IDRC Only
1979Text of speech by Ivan L. Head, to the Conference on World Food SecurityHead, I.L.Open Access