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2000Trade, Employment and Competitiveness (TEC PI), phase II : prospectus 2000 - 2004IDRCOpen Access
1999Trade, Employment and Competitiveness : a review of the TEC Program Initiative of IDRCCarr, M.; Vyas, V.Open Access
1990Trade, finance and developing countries : strategies and constraints in the 1990sPage, S.IDRC Only
2001Trade, gender and employment issuesSenapaty, ManjuIDRC Only
2007Trade, gender and equity in Latin America : generating knowledge for political action; a comparative study of care economy - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and UruguaySalvador, Soledad; Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios sobre el Desarrollo, Uruguay (Ciedur)IDRC Only
Apr-2010Trade, jobs, and wages : does exporting matter for the poor in South Africa?Mayrand, Hélène; Rodriguez, EdgardOpen Access
1994Trade, payments liberalization and economic performance in GhanaJebuni, C.D.; Oduro, A.D.; Tutu, K.A.Open Access
1989Trade, protectionism and industrial adjustment : three North American case studiesNorth-South Institute; Ahmad, J.; Hazledine, T.; Riemann, W.; Wall, R.; Zanette, L.IDRC Only
1989Trade, protectionism, and industrial adjustment in consumer electronics : Asian responses to North AmericaInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies; Tan Loong-Hoe; Chia Siow YueIDRC Only
1989Trade, protectionism, and industrial adjustment in vegetable oils : Asian responses to North AmericaInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies; Tan, Joseph Loong Hoe; Sharma, S.IDRC Only
2000Trade, regionalism and the threat to multilateralismTussie, Diana; Woods, NgaireIDRC Only
2005Trade-off among carbon emissions, economic growth and poverty reduction in IndiaSouth Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics; Ojha, Vijay PrakashOpen Access
2008Trade-off between trade and the environment : a study from VietnamIDRC Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia. EEPSEAOpen Access
1996Tradición entre los indios pemón de la Gran SabanaEberlee, JohnOpen Access
2001Trading diamonds for gunsShore, K.Open Access
1985Trading houses in India : an evaluationIndian Council for Research on International Economic Relations; Misra, L.IDRC Only
1989Trading responses to food market liberalization in Sub-Saharan Africa, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, May 2-4, 1989 : planning workshop for research projectSantorum, A.; Jones, S.IDRC Only
2005Trading to equality? : gender equality and trade liberalisationUNRISD; Bisnath, SavitriIDRC Only
1996Trading with developing countries : a level playing field?IDRCIDRC Only
1996Tradition among the Gran Sabana PemónEberlee, JohnOpen Access