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2013Toward a Southern-led Research Agenda on Open and Collaborative Science for Development : report on London workshop, 3-4 July 2013Molloy, Jenny; Mounce, Ross; Willmers, Michelle; Neylon, CameronIDRC Only
2001Toward an improved management of common property in Tam Giang lagoon, Vietnam : working paper for 7th IASCP Conference, Vancouver, Canada, June 1998Tuyen, Truong Van; Brzeski, VeronikaIDRC Only
1998Toward an improved management of common property in Tam Giang lLgoon, Vietnam : working paper for 7th IASCP Conference, Vancouver, Canada, June 1998Truong Van Tuyen; Brzeski, V.Open Access
1993Toward comprehensive programs to reduce vitamin A deficiency : a report of the XV International Vitamin A Consultative Group Meeting, Arusha, Tanzania, 8-12 Mar. 1993International Vitamin A Consultative GroupIDRC Only
1994Toward equity in health researchWilson, RichardOpen Access
2011Toward innovative, liveable and prosperous Asian megacities : medical tourismeCastillo, Paulynne J.; Conchada, Mitzie Irene P.IDRC Only
2014Toward integrated opisthorchiasis control in Northeast Thailand : the Lawa projectSripa, Banchob; Tangkawattana, Sirikachorn; Laha, Thewarach; Kaewkes, Sasithorn; Mallory, Frank F.; Smith, John F.; Wilcox, Bruce A.IDRC Only
1983Toward lower of cyanogenesis in cassavade Bruijn, G.H.Open Access
1974Toward medical care easily available to allSanger, C.Open Access
1992Toward self suffiency in IDRC funded NGOs : an analysis with recommendationsJohn Bouza & AssociatesIDRC Only
1999Toward the commercial exploitation of red algae from Senegal's Petite CôteThiam, C.Open Access
2008Toward the next IDRC Coprorate Strategy : metrics for development; a contribution to an environmental scan carried out by the International Development Research CentreKahn, MichaelOpen Access
1972Toward the well-being of rural peoplesIDRC; Hopper, W.D.Open Access
2006Towards "centres of excellence" for community based natural resource management : exploring issues of capacity development for organizations and networks; desk review reportIDRC; Large, Patrick JohnOpen Access
2007Towards a better understanding of low income producer organizations : synthesis paperRuggieri, ClarissaIDRC Only
1980Towards a better way of life : a social work experiment with families of immigrant labour origin in SingaporeSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Thangavelu, P.R.Open Access
1993Towards a common future : Canada and the Third WorldMétavidea Associates; Telefilm Canada; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.; Gwiazda, W.IDRC Only
1986Towards a conservation strategy for OntarioConservation Council of OntarioIDRC Only
2003Towards a framework for assessing the maturity of government capabilities for ‘e-government’Oyomno, Gordon Z.Open Access
1996Towards a global ban on anti-personnel mines : International Strategy Conference, Ottawa, Canada, Oct. 3-5, 1996; report on activitiesCanadaOpen Access