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Feb-2001Trade Resource Centre : Project ReviewMuraguri Waibochi, JohnIDRC Only
2000Trade restrictions for the global environment : the case of the Montreal ProtocolKrueger, J.Open Access
1999Trade rules and sustainability in the AmericasInternational Institute for Sustainable Development; Cordonier Segger, M.C.; Muños, M.B.; Meireles, P.R.; Taurel, J.Z.; Paul, V.Open Access
1968Trade union and industrial relations termsUniversity of the West Indies, Trade Union Education Institute; Nettleford, R.IDRC Only
1986Trade unions and protection of nature in the USSRSemyonov, A.P.IDRC Only
2000Trade, Employment and Competitiveness (TEC PI), phase II : prospectus 2000 - 2004IDRCOpen Access
1999Trade, Employment and Competitiveness : a review of the TEC Program Initiative of IDRCCarr, M.; Vyas, V.Open Access
1990Trade, finance and developing countries : strategies and constraints in the 1990sPage, S.IDRC Only
2001Trade, gender and employment issuesSenapaty, ManjuIDRC Only
2007Trade, gender and equity in Latin America : generating knowledge for political action; a comparative study of care economy - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and UruguaySalvador, Soledad; Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios sobre el Desarrollo, Uruguay (Ciedur)IDRC Only
Apr-2010Trade, jobs, and wages : does exporting matter for the poor in South Africa?Mayrand, Hélène; Rodriguez, EdgardOpen Access
1994Trade, payments liberalization and economic performance in GhanaJebuni, C.D.; Oduro, A.D.; Tutu, K.A.Open Access
1989Trade, protectionism and industrial adjustment : three North American case studiesNorth-South Institute; Ahmad, J.; Hazledine, T.; Riemann, W.; Wall, R.; Zanette, L.IDRC Only
1989Trade, protectionism, and industrial adjustment in consumer electronics : Asian responses to North AmericaInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies; Tan Loong-Hoe; Chia Siow YueIDRC Only
1989Trade, protectionism, and industrial adjustment in vegetable oils : Asian responses to North AmericaInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies; Tan, Joseph Loong Hoe; Sharma, S.IDRC Only
2000Trade, regionalism and the threat to multilateralismTussie, Diana; Woods, NgaireIDRC Only
2005Trade-off among carbon emissions, economic growth and poverty reduction in IndiaSouth Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics; Ojha, Vijay PrakashOpen Access
2008Trade-off between trade and the environment : a study from VietnamIDRC Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia. EEPSEAOpen Access
1996Tradición entre los indios pemón de la Gran SabanaEberlee, JohnOpen Access
2001Trading diamonds for gunsShore, K.Open Access