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1985Thailand coordinated groundnut improvement research programPatanothai, A.IDRC Only
1989Thailand coordinated peanut improvement program under collaboration with the Peanut Collaborative Research Support Program (Peanut CRSP) : progress report for 1988 (for the period of 1 July 1988 to 30 June 1989)Thailand. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives; Khon Kaen University; Kasetsart University; Aran PatanothaiIDRC Only
1975Thailand implements meaningful reformsPraagh, D. VanIDRC Only
2005Thailand national projectCommunity Biodiversity Development and Conservation Network (CBDC), Hat Muang Nan NetworkIDRC Only
1975Thailand rural reconstruction movementSomchai YoktriOpen Access
1987Thailand Vegetable Marketing Project : phase 1, fresh and processed vegetable market surveyPayap University; Anusorn Kunanusorn; Kanchana Savatasukh; Kanchana Pongtong; Robert, G.L.; Batzinger, R.P.IDRC Only
1986Thailand Vegetable Marketing Project : Phase 1, Fresh and Processed Vegetable Market SurveyPayap University; Anusorn Kunanusorn; Kanchana Savatasukh; Kanchana Pongtong; Robert, G.L.; Batzinger, R.P.IDRC Only
1974Thailand works at creating an innately Asian democracyPraagh, D. VanIDRC Only
May-2012Thailand's 2011 flooding : its impact on direct exports and global supply chainsChongvilaivan, AekapolIDRC Only
Apr-2012Thailand's 2011 flooding : its impacts on direct exports and global supply chain disruptionsChongvilaivan, AekapolIDRC Only
1985Thailand's experience on structural change and economic adaptationSomsak TambunlertchaiIDRC Only
1986Thailand's fisheries : a victim of 200 mile zonesMcDorman, T.L.IDRC Only
1998Thailand's national parks : making conservation payIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia, Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia; Isangkura, A.Open Access
1992Thailand's TuktukLewis, E.Open Access
1983Thailande; IDRC is copyright holder; Saraya, A.Open Access
1975That shrewd yet visionary voice.Ward, B.IDRC Only
1990Thatta Health Systems Research Project, Phase I : a study of health and health services and developing initiatives in Thatta district, 1986-1989Aga Khan University, Dept. of Community Health SciencesIDRC Only
1977Theileriosis : report of a workshopHenson, J.B.; Campbell, MarilynOpen Access
1988THEMAPSLahiri, M.IDRC Only
2012Theme : partnerships and networking for strengthening agricultural innovation and higher education in Africa; a reportDhlamini, NodumoOpen Access