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-Third World expectations of CanadaKappagoda, N.Open Access
1990Third World immigration to Canada : new challenges and opportunities for addressing a common global futureSimmons, A.B.IDRC Only
1984Third World island energy futuresEnergy Research Group; Hayes, P.IDRC Only
1988Third World libraries and information : the activities of IDRCMonkhouse, V.Open Access
1977Third World needs agricultural development, not food aid say scientistsSpurgeon, D.Open Access
1997Third World Network activities at the Third Meeting of the Conference of Parties to the Convention of Biological Diversity (COP 3), Buenos Aires, 5-15 Nov. 1996Third World Network; Khor, M.IDRC Only
1996Third World Network project : Biodiversity research and capacity building for Third World Network; final technical reportThird World NetworkIDRC Only
1991Third World Network's plenary intervention on Agenda 21 and institutional arrangementsThird World Network; Khor Kok Peng, M.IDRC Only
1986Third world urban development : agency responses with particular reference to IDRCBélisle, J.F.; Yeung, Yue ManIDRC Only
1975Third World: research a solution?Vaillancourt, M.IDRC Only
2000Third year of ISU activity, West Bank - Palestine, Oct. 1996 - Oct. 1999 / Industrial Support Unit, PalestineDevelopment Resource Center; Shawa, A.R.IDRC Only
1990Thirsty citiesAnton, D.Open Access
1993Thirsty cities : urban environments and water supply in Latin AmericaAnton, D.J.Open Access
2006Thirsty sea, tainted river : shedding light on the Middle East's threatened border watersKavanagh, Patrick; Awady, NadiaOpen Access
2006Thirsty sea, tainted river : shedding light on the Middle East's threatened border waters [Arabic version]Kavanagh, Patrick; Awady, NadiaOpen Access
1996Thirtieth Session of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa : Twenty-first Meeting of the Conference of MinistersAkhtar, S.; Laviolette, L.IDRC Only
1994Thirty years of learning : educational development in Eastern and Southern Africa from independence to 1990Ishumi, A.G.M.Open Access
23-Apr-2010Thirty-five-million dollar boost for 'Barcode of Life'Webster, PaulIDRC Only
2007This is different, this is the plaza : space, gender, and tactics in the work of Moroccan tourist sector henna artisansKelly Spurles, Patricia L.Open Access
1973This time UN wants a lasting peace.Gordon, J.K.IDRC Only