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1983Technology, education and employment for developmentKing, K.J.Open Access
1985Technology, environment and developmentCardettini, OneliaIDRC Only
1991Technology, environment, and development : options for Canada at UNCED and beyondHerbert-Copley, B.Open Access
1989Technology, gender, and power in AfricaStamp, P.Open Access
1976Technology, innovation and transfer of technology in the cement industryIDB/ECLA Research Programme in Science and Technology; Pearson, R.IDRC Only
1977Technology, non-market activities, and household productivitySeward, S.B.Open Access
1971Technology, planning and Latin American development.Urquidi, V.L.IDRC Only
1979Technology, planning, and self-reliant development : a Latin American viewSagasti, F.R.IDRC Only
1979Technonet : confidentes de la pequeña industriaFleury, J.M.Open Access
1978Technonet : la coopération mise en pratiqueChico, L.V.Open Access
1978Technonet : making self - reliance more than a sloganChico, L.Open Access
1983TECHNONET Asia : an evaluationJarmai, L.J.; Elwela, S.S.B.Open Access
1978Technonet Asia : an experiment in cooperationChico, L.V.IDRC Only
1986TECHNONET Asia : regional cooperation and sharing in small and medium industry development : the first 12 yearsTECHNONET AsiaIDRC Only
1985TECHNONET Asia : regional cooperation and sharing in small and medium industry development; the first twelve yearsTECHNONET AsiaIDRC Only
1973TECHNONET ASIA information storage and retrieval systemLeatherdale, D.Open Access
-TECHNONET Asia newsletter, number 1, March 1974 - vol. 8, no. 4, October 1981TECHNONET AsiaIDRC Only
1984TECHNONET Asia newsletter, vol. 9, no. 1, January 1982 - vol. 11, no. 2, 2nd quarter, 1984TECHNONET AsiaIDRC Only
1977TECHNONET Asia Project digests, number 1, March 1977 - number 10, December 1977TECHNONET CentreIDRC Only
1976Technonet Asia: Asian network for industrial technology information and extension.IDRC; TECHNONET Asia; Gall, W.J.Open Access