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1976Technical options in anaerobic digestion : a background paperPyle, D.L.IDRC Only
1983Technical progress report no. 3 on striga research in the SudanKhidir, M.O.IDRC Only
1988Technical progress report no. 6 : a report on striga research in the Sudan, 1987 / 1988Sudan. Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources; Hamdoun, A. MohmedIDRC Only
1984Technical progress report of Sri Lanka - IDRC Food Grain Improvement Project, Phase 1 : final technical "A" reportFernando, M.H.J.P.IDRC Only
2006Technical reportLoewen, MarkOpen Access
1996Technical report (1991-1996) / Anti-conceptive Technology, Phase V (India)National Institute of ImmunologyOpen Access
1998Technical report (executive summary) / Mountain terraces (Yemen) - phase IIYemen. Agricultural Research and Extension Authority; Mukred, A.; Al-Nassiri, M.; Sailan, A.IDRC Only
2014Technical report (March 2014 to September 2014) [final technical report : annexure 16]-IDRC Only
1989Technical report ... Sept.-Dec. 1989 / Fuelwood Plantations BotswanaForestry Association of BotswanaIDRC Only
1982Technical report / Cage Culture Project, Sri Lanka (phase 1)Sri Lanka. Ministry of FisheriesIDRC Only
1990Technical report / Coconut Information Centre (Sri Lanka), Phase II for the period Apr. 22 1985- Dec. 31 1989Coconut Research InstituteIDRC Only
1987Technical report / Contact Examination in the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the BCG Vaccination (June 1984-Sept. 1987)Hong, Y.P.; Jin, B.W.IDRC Only
1995Technical report / Convulsive Disorders in Tanzania : neurological sectionMatuja, W.B.P.IDRC Only
1992Technical report / Debt Recording and Management System (ECCB), phase II, 15 Aug. 1991-31 Oct. 1992Eastern Caribbean Central BankIDRC Only
1991Technical report / Delivery of Primary Health Care Services in Cebu City, PhilippinesUniversity of San José-RecoletosIDRC Only
1992Technical report / Development Information Network for South Asia (DEVINSA), phase II, 1 Dec. 1989-30 Nov. 1992Development Information Network for South AsiaIDRC Only
1987Technical report / Dryland Agroforestry Research Project, phase I (1983-1987)Kenya Forestry Research Institute; Odera, J.A.; Arap-Sang, F.K.IDRC Only
1993Technical report / Evaluation of the Technical, Economic and Social - Cultural Adaptation of Improved Sericulture Technology in Myduc District, Ha Tay Province, North VietnamCentral Sericultural Research CentreIDRC Only
1994Technical report / Farm Investment Behaviour, Dakahlia GovernorateSalim, M.H.Open Access
1990Technical report / Food Legumes Improvement Program (July 1, 1988- June 30, 1989)Pakistan Agricultural Research CouncilIDRC Only