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1995Technical report / National Information System, NIS (Jordan), phase II, Mar. 1993-Mar. 1995National Information CenterIDRC Only
1991Technical report / Natural Gums and Resins (Uganda)Kityo, P.W.IDRC Only
1979Technical report / Phase I, IDRC Belize Forage Legume and Pasture Research Programme, July 1977 - Nov. 1979Neal, R.H.IDRC Only
1987Technical report / Plantain / Banana Improvement (Honduras)Funcación Hondureña de Investigación AgrícolaIDRC Only
1984Technical report / Plantain Banana Improvement (Jamaica)Banana Company of Jamaica LimitedIDRC Only
1988Technical report / Post-Harvest Economics Adviser (Asia) - phase ISoutheast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture; Gomez, A.A.IDRC Only
1996Technical report / Pre-primary Education (China) Phase IIChina Central Institute of Educational ResearchIDRC Only
1993Technical report / Public Health Training Needs Assessment (Phase II)Eldemire, DeniseIDRC Only
1988Technical report / Research on potato production from true seed in EgyptCentro Internacional de la PapaIDRC Only
1993Technical report / Round Table : Social Policy and Economic Liberalization; Contrasting Brazilian and Indian Experiences and Strategies, Sao Paulo, 18-29 Oct. 1993Universidade de São Paulo; Jawaharlal Nehru University; International Institute for Labour StudiesIDRC Only
1989Technical report / Schistosomiasis Information Center (Egypt)El Abdeen, Aly Zein; Taha, Arnr M.IDRC Only
1992Technical report / Soil Improvement by Trees (Zimbabwe)Campbell, B.IDRC Only
1984Technical report / Sri Lanka / IDRC Cropping Systems Project, year II, phase IIISri Lanka. Dept. of AgricultureIDRC Only
1987Technical report / Study of the impact of community toilets, upgraded drainage and health education on health with special reference to faecal borne diseases and skin diseasesGandhigram Institute of Rural Health and Family Planning; Dhas, J.K.; Shanmugam, P.; Kandasamy, V.IDRC Only
1989Technical Report / Study on Participation of Primary School Graduate Girls in Secondary and Nonformal Educational Opportunities in Rural BangladeshFoundation for Research on Educational Planning and DevelopmentIDRC Only
1993Technical report / Sustainable Agriculture (Philippines), Sept. 1988-Sept. 1992Briones A.M.IDRC Only
1982Technical report / The Rural Water Fluorides Project, KenyaGitonga, J.N.; Nair, K.R.IDRC Only
1985Technical report / Tuberculosis ProjectCastelo Filho, A.IDRC Only
1991Technical report / Water and Sanitation Information NetworkIndonesia. Ministry of Public WorksIDRC Only
1983Technical report / Wind turbines for pumping applicationsEthiopian Water Works Construction Authority, Research and Development in Water Technology for Rural Areas; Taye, T.; Mammo, A.; Berhe, A.; Jensen, K.IDRC Only