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1992Trace elements changes among occupationally exposed workers to pesticidesSanad, A.A.W.IDRC Only
1989Trace elements in nodular and compacted graphite in cast ironUniversity of British Columbia, Dept. of Metals and Materials Engineering; Torga, G.; Boeri, R.; Weinberg, F.IDRC Only
1992Trace metals study of oysters Crassostrea iredalei and Sacosstrea cucullata collected from South Sulawesi watersAmini, S.IDRC Only
2007Tracer study of awards programs supported by IDRC : Internships, Professional Development Awards, Young Canadian Researchers Awards, Doctoral Research Awards, and Canadian Window on International Development AwardsGraham, MichaelOpen Access
2006Tracer study report : IDRC-sponsored participation in the International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET)IDRC. Evaluation UnitOpen Access
1979Tracking down the pathogensHibler, M.Open Access
2003Tracking gender equity under economic reforms : continuity and change in South AsiaMukhopadhyay, S.; Sudarshan, R.M.Open Access
Apr-2003Tracking health and well-being in Goa’s mining belt : new tools promote the sustainable development of miningConway, KevinOpen Access
2003Tracking the trade : Vietnam's illegal wildlife businessIDRC Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia. EEPSEAOpen Access
1983Tracteurs bovinsSpurgeon, D.Open Access
1998Tradable discharge permits system for water pollution of the Upper Nanpan River, ChinaIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia, Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia; Wendong Tao; Weimin Yang; Bo ZhouOpen Access
1999Trade and environment : South African case - studies-Open Access
2001Trade and environment agenda in the Americas : setting the context, Montréal, Canada, Apr. 20, 2001; speech given by Maureen O'Neil, President, IDRCO'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
1996Trade and exchange rate liberalization and competitiveness of Nigeria's tradable commoditiesNational Research Network on Liberalization in Nigeria; Akinyosoye, V.O.; Akande, S.O.; Akpokodje, G.; Mbanefoh, N.B.IDRC Only
2000Trade and exchange rate policy options for the CFA countries : simulations with a CGE model for CameroonNjinkeu, D.; Bamou, E.Open Access
2013Trade and finance in development thinkingOcampo, José AntonioOpen Access
1987Trade and financing strategies for developing countries in the 1980sOverseas Development Institute; Page, S.IDRC Only
1987Trade and financing strategies for developing countries in the 1980s : summaryPage, S.IDRC Only
1988Trade and financing strategies for the new NICs : the Peru case studyOverseas Development Institute; Schuldt, J.IDRC Only
2011Trade and inclusive growth in Latin America : compensatory policies for trade liberalizationHeidrich, Pablo; Williams, ZoeIDRC Only