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1993Sustainable Upland Agriculture Conference proceedingsUniversity of the Philippines College Baguio; Salinas, F.T.IDRC Only
2007Sustainable urban development? : low-cost housing challenges in South AfricaGoebel, AllisonIDRC Only
1996Sustainable urban planning in Santos, BrazilKnight, PatrickOpen Access
2005Sustainable use of biodiversityIDRCOpen Access
1998Sustainable Use of Biodiversity (SUB) Program Initiative : program summary, 1997-2000IDRCIDRC Only
1999Sustainable Use of Biodiversity : a review of the SUB Program Initiative of IDRC, 1997 - 2000Spendjian, G.; Whyte, A.Open Access
2003Sustainable use of biodiversity : external program review, Apr. 2000 - Mar. 2003; final reportWhyte, Anne; Tauli-Corpuz, VictoriaOpen Access
1997Sustainable Use of Biodiversity Program Initiative (SUB PI) : three year program summary (1998 - 2000)IDRCOpen Access
2000Sustainable Use of Biodiversity Program Initiative; program summary 2000 - 2004IDRCOpen Access
1993Sustainable utilization of natural resources in Jhabua District : a final technical reportNational Centre for Human Settlements and EnvironmentIDRC Only
1993Sustainable utilization of natural resources in Jhabua District : approach towards sustainable eco-development; workshop proceedings, Jhabua, Nov. 6-7, 1992National Centre for Human Settlements and EnvironmentIDRC Only
1992Sustainable water resources management in arid countries : Middle East and Northern AfricaInternational Water Resources Association; Association internationale des ressources en eau; Schiller, E.J.IDRC Only
1988Sustained hormone release : [I] characteristics of in vitro release of gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue (GnRH-A) from pelletsSherwood, N.M.; Crim, L.W.; Carolsfeld, J.; Walters, S.M.IDRC Only
1988Sustained hormone release : [II] effectiveness of LHRH analog (LHRHa) administration by either single time injection or cholesterol pellet implantation on plasma gonadotropin levels in a bioassay model fish, the juvenile rainbow troutCrim, L.W.; Sherwood, N.M.; Wilson, C.E.IDRC Only
1988Sustained hormone release : [III] use of gonadotropin releasing hormone analogues to induce multiple spawnings in sea bass, Lates calcariferAlmendras, J.M.; Duenas, C.; Nacario, J.; Sherwood, N.M.; Crim, L.W.IDRC Only
1994Sustaining a Latin American wetlandMacLeod, KirsteenOpen Access
25-Jan-2013Sustaining a regional emerging infectious disease research network : a trust-based approachSilkavute, Pornpit; Dinh Xuan Tung; Jongudomsuk, PongpisutOpen Access
1995Sustaining research in RwandaLachance, AndréOpen Access
2005Sustaining the environment in Havana's small - scale urban agriculture : environmental practices and consciousness in a context of scarcityPremat, AdrianaIDRC Only
Jul-2011Sustaining water use : stakeholders' strategies under different climate scenarios and need for interventions; the case study of Akaki river basin, EthiopiaSinshaw, Tadesse AnimawIDRC Only