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1988Technology policies for development in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and ZimbabweMlawa, H.M.IDRC Only
1983Technology policies for small developing economies : a study of the CaribbeanCaribbean Technology Policy Studies Project; Girvan, N.P.; Gomes, P.I.; Sangster, D.B.IDRC Only
1982Technology policy and agriculture : lecture notesIdachaba, F.S.IDRC Only
1976Technology policy and economic development : a summary report on studies undertaken by the Board of the Cartagena Agreement for the Andean Pact Integration ProcessAcuerdo de CartagenaOpen Access
1974Technology policy and industrialization in ChinaDean, Genevieve C.IDRC Only
1974Technology policy and planning in Latin AmericaHalty-Carrère, M.Open Access
1995Technology policy and practice in AfricaIDRC; Ogbu, O.M.; Oyeyinka, O.; Mlawa, H.M.Open Access
1993Technology policy and university industry linksSouthbound Sdn. Bhd.; IDRC; Mullin, J.IDRC Only
1987Technology policy failures in NigeriaNigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research; Adubifa, A.O.IDRC Only
1988Technology policy failures in NigeriaIDRC; Adubifa, A.O.Open Access
1990Technology policy in Nigeria : a critical appraisal of the industry sectorNigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research; Adubifa, A.IDRC Only
1990Technology policy in Sub-Saharan Africa : why the dream remains unfulfilledVitta, P.B.IDRC Only
1990Technology policy studies in Eastern and Southern Africa : Eastern Africa Technology Policy Studies NetworkEastern Africa Technology Policy Studies Network; IDRCOpen Access
1974Technology policy study centres in AfricaECA; IDRCOpen Access
1982Technology Policy Workshop (Oct. 4 to 30, 1982), Tanzania : bibliographyIDRC. Social Sciences DivisionIDRC Only
1983Technology Policy Workshop, Dakar : evaluationIDRC. Social Sciences DivisionIDRC Only
2007Technology spillover : a methodology for understanding patterns and limits to adoption of farm-level innovationsGerman, Laura; Mowo, Jeremias; Kingamkono, Margaret; Nuñez, JenniferIDRC Only
1983Technology strategy in a changing world economyIDRC. Social Sciences DivisionOpen Access
1976Technology transfer : a survey and some policy proposalsContreras Q., CarlosIDRC Only
2002Technology transfer and acquisition in the oil sector and government policy in NigeriaChima, R.I.; Owioduokit, E.A.; Ogoh, R.IDRC Only