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1982Terminal report / National Integrated Leucaena Research Project. Sub-project 5: Economics of Leucaena Production and its Integration into Appropriate Farming SystemPhilippine Council for Agriculture and Resources Research and Development; Mabbayad, B.B.IDRC Only
Sep-1984Terminal report / National Integrated Research Program on Rattan (PCARRD-IDRC) : determination of the most appropriate sampling design for the inventory of rattan; study 1.2Micosa Tandug, Leuvina; Lasmarias, Victoria T.IDRC Only
1988Terminal report / Nutritional Risk FactorsEusebio, J.S.; del Rosario, M.P.S.; Eusebio, P.S.; Amante, C.D.IDRC Only
1988Terminal report / Paddy and Rice Postharvest Technology (Malaysia)Institiut Penyelidikan dan Kemajuan Pertanian MalaysiaIDRC Only
1982Terminal report / Pan African Documentation and Information System, Jan. 1980-Dec. 1981Système panafricain de documentation et d'informatique; Quirino-Lanhounmey, J.K.IDRC Only
1981Terminal report / PCARRD - IDRC Project on LeucaenaPhilippine Council for Agriculture and Resources Research and Development; Javier, E.O.; Mendoza, R.C.; Engle, L.M.IDRC Only
1990Terminal report / Postharvest Economics Advisor (Asia)Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in AgricultureIDRC Only
1977Terminal report / Project In School Off School ApproachRegional Center for Educational Innovation and TechnologyIDRC Only
1991Terminal report / Root Crop Utilization (Philippines)Philippine Root Crop Research and Training Center; Palomar, M.K.IDRC Only
1982Terminal report / SEAFDEC - IDRC Milkfish Research Project ; phase IISEAFDEC Aquaculture Dept., Aquaculture Dept.IDRC Only
1986Terminal report / SEAFDEC - IDRC Milkfish Research Project; phase IIISEAFDEC Aquaculture Dept., Aquaculture Dept.IDRC Only
1983Terminal report / second UPLBCF / IDRC Forestry Research CourseUniversity of the Philippines at Los Baños; Lantican, C.B.IDRC Only
1988Terminal report / Sheep Production Systems (Philippines)Faylon, P.S.; Lambio, A.L.; Parawan, O.O.; Sevilla, C.C.; Quirante, V.T.IDRC Only
1986Terminal report / Shelterbelt Research Project, July 1983 - June 1986Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria. Shelterbelt Research StationIDRC Only
1987Terminal report / Short Course in Economics for Agricultural Engineers and Food Technologists, 17 Nov.-13 Dec. 1986Universiti Pertanian Malaysia; Kuperan, K.IDRC Only
1991Terminal report / Small Ruminant / Coconut Systems Project (Philippines)Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development; University of the Philippines at Los Baños; Philippines. Bureau of Animal IndustryIDRC Only
1991Terminal report / Small Scale Energy System (Philippines)Forest Products Research and Development InstituteIDRC Only
1987Terminal report / The Mini-Dehullers ProjectEnvironment and Development Activities (Zimbabwe)IDRC Only
1985Terminal report / The Role of Alternate Foods in the Rural Food Consumption Patterns in the PhilippinesUniversity of the Philippines at Diliman; Panlasigui, L.N.; de Leon, S.Y.; Magluyan, V.B.; Abalos, M.U.; Chavez, A.B.IDRC Only
1991Terminal report / Tissue Culture of Bamboo (Aug. 16, 1986-Mar. 31, 1991)University of the Philippines at Los Baños, Institute of Plant BreedingIDRC Only