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1997Sustainable development : environmental security, disarmament and development interface in South AsiaKhanna, D.D.IDRC Only
2005Sustainable development : learning from the pastHulse, Joseph H.IDRC Only
14-Sep-2005Sustainable development : the story of the Ivory Park EcoCityCarman, TaraIDRC Only
1999Sustainable development and decision support systemsMikolajuk, Z.; Gar-On Yeh, A.Open Access
2000Sustainable development and desertification control in Hotan region [Chinese language]Shen Hong; Gu Shuhua; Liu WenqiangIDRC Only
1986Sustainable development and how to achieve itGlobal Tomorrow CoalitionIDRC Only
2007Sustainable development and ICT indicators : draft for discussionStork, ChristophIDRC Only
1995Sustainable development and the advanced materials : the Brazilian caseCentro de Tecnologia Mineral; Villas Bôas, R.C.; Johnson, B.B.; Peiter, C.C.; Medina, H.; Marques, I.C.IDRC Only
1992Sustainable development and the small enterprise : a discursive dissertationSociety for Development AlternativesIDRC Only
2007Sustainable development at risk : ignoring the pastHulse, Joseph H.Open Access
2002Sustainable development communications network, 1996 - 2001 : an evaluationInternational Institute for Sustainable Development; Creech, HeatherOpen Access
1995Sustainable development in the Mexican tropics : beyond the rhetoricCIMMYT; Buckles, Daniel J.; Chevalier, J.Open Access
1998Sustainable development laws and international treaty obligations : discussion papers, and commentaries from participants in a sustainable development law seminar (Kingston, Jamaica); concerning a legislative framework for developing sustainable management of the environment in Jamaica, final reportJamaica. Ministry of Environment and Housing; Natural Resources Conservation Authority; Carroll, Theodora; De Romilly, George B.Open Access
1994Sustainable Development NetworkUNDP; IDRCIDRC Only
1997Sustainable Development Network (SDN) Pakistan : end of project reportUNDP; International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources - World Conservation UnionIDRC Only
1994Sustainable Development Network : Second Workshop for SDN Coordinators, 6-11 Dec. 1993, BombayUNDP; IDRC; National Centre for Software TechnologyIDRC Only
1993Sustainable Development Network : starter kit and coordinators workshop, 8-12 Feb. 1993, OttawaUNDP; IDRCIDRC Only
1994Sustainable Development Networking Programme : Third Joint UNDP / IDRC Workshop for National Coordinators and Technical Staff, 14-15 Nov. 1994, BombayUNDP; IDRC; National Centre for Software TechnologyIDRC Only
2002Sustainable development of aquaculture in Tam Giang LagoonTän Tháút Phaïp; Lã Vàn Miãn; Lã Thë Nam ThuáûnOpen Access
2007Sustainable Development of Urban Agriculture in West Africa - Consultation of CitiesCisse, Oumar; Fatou D. Gueye, NdèyeIDRC Only