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Jun-1981Teacher effectiveness : research in West AfricaMay-Parker, Judith; Ozumba, KachiOpen Access
1985Teacher effectiveness : the development of an evaluation instrumentAwuwoloye, E. OlabisiIDRC Only
1985Teacher effectiveness : towards the definition of a complex conceptAwomolo, A.A.IDRC Only
1986Teacher effectiveness research : an example from ThailandMalee Nitsaisook; Postlethwaite, T.N.IDRC Only
1984Teacher effectiveness research project : a study and evaluation of teacher effectiveness in Nigerian schoolsWest African Examinations CouncilIDRC Only
1995Teacher efficacy : its effects on teaching practices and student outcomes in mathematicsEnon, J.C.IDRC Only
1993Teacher nationality and classroom practice in the Republic of YemenAbdulmalik, Hassan Ali; Chapman, David W.IDRC Only
1988Teacher participation in research for professional growthNamuddu, C.IDRC Only
1980Teacher Preperation Package (TPP) : bilingual educationRegional Center for Educational Innovation and TechnologyIDRC Only
1982Teacher qualifications and student learning outcomes : an experimental comparison of the effects of the preparation of middle and university graduate teachersMadike, F.U.IDRC Only
1981Teacher training for SAGE, a system of individualized instructionDussault, G.Open Access
1997Teachers and national development in UgandaAkankwasa, R.R.IDRC Only
1987Teachers as development agents : case studies from northeastern ThailandIDRC; Surin Teachers College; Khon Kaen UniversityIDRC Only
1990Teachers of the KarakorumsAga Khan Foundation Canada; Arthur Holbrook Productions, Inc.; Holbrook, A.; Pirker, R.K.; Pacsu, M.IDRC Only
1979Teachers schooled in healthAmaya, S.Open Access
1998Teachers' beliefs about teaching English as a second language (ESL) : two case studies of ESL instruction in ZimbabweNyawaranda, V.IDRC Only
1989Teaching / learning strategies in Lesotho primary school classroomsNational University of Lesotho, Institute of Education; Sebatane, E.M.; Chabane, C.M.; Lefoka, J.P.IDRC Only
1989Teaching / Learning Strategies in Lesotho Primary School classrooms : project dissemination seminars, 9-11 Jan. 1989, 23-24 Jan. 1989; reportNational University of Lesotho. Institute of Education; Sebatane, E. MolapiIDRC Only
1989Teaching : extension reference manual / Lamphun Agricultural College [Thai language]Lamphun Agricultural CollegeIDRC Only
Mar-1989Teaching and learning biology in Kenya : volume 1, educating the elite : harmony and conflictNamuddu, CatherineOpen Access