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2002Tobacco Growing and Ecosystem Health (Brazil) : project summary; 98-8760 - English version-IDRC Only
2010Tobacco in Cameroon : from farming to controlNjoumemi, Zakariaou; Sibetcheu, Daniel; Ekoe, Tetanye; Gbedji, EugèneOpen Access
2002Tobacco in developing countries : dream scenario or shrill wake - up call?Kamal, M.Open Access
2006Tobacco industry attempts to stop or manipulate tobacco control legislation in Ukraine and RussiaKrasovsky, KonstantinIDRC Only
7-Jun-2008Tobacco industry involvement in the development of a “think tank” institution in Central America : final progress reportBarnoya, JoaquinIDRC Only
2008Tobacco industry strategies to obstruct the FCTC in ArgentinaMejiaa, Raul; Schoj, Veronica; Barnoya, Joaquin; Flores, María Laura; Pérez-Stable, Eliseo J.-
2010Tobacco point-of-sale advertising in Guatemala city, Guatemala and Buenos Aires, ArgentinaBarnoya, Joaquin; Mejia, Raul; Szeinman, Debora; Kummerfeldt, Carlos E.Open Access
9-Mar-2013Tobacco tax yardstick : does it work?Krasovsky, KonstantinIDRC Only
2011Tobacco taxation in Tanzania : presentationKagaruki, Lutgard; Blecher, Evan; Mbelle, Onesmo; Chaussard, MartineIDRC Only
Mar-2011Tobacco taxation in Tanzania : reportKagaruki, Lutgard K.; Blecher, Evan; Mbelle, Onesmo; Chaussard, MartineIDRC Only
Jul-2013Tobacco taxation policies in the former USSR countries : final technical reportKrasovsky, Konstantin; Andreeva, TatianaOpen Access
Apr-2003Tobacco use among adolescent students in secondary schools of Pokhara Sub Metropolitan city of NepalPaudel, Deepak; Department of Community Medicine and Family Health, Tribhuvan UniversityIDRC Only
2009Tobacco use among Eritrean health professionals : a final scientific reportGhirmay, Zemuy; Ghebreyesus, Seare; Abraha, AmanuelOpen Access
1994Tobacco warsMétavidea Associates; Radio-Québec; Yorkshire Television, Ltd.; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.IDRC Only
Mar-2007Tobacco, health and socio-economic development in Gbefi community in the Volta region of Ghana : protecting life through provision of alternative livelihood schemes ?Koku, John ErnestIDRC Only
1989Tobago tagging programme : progress report; Eastern Caribbean flyingfish projectOxenford, Hazel A.IDRC Only
2010Tobbaco poster-IDRC Only
2012Todas cuentan : plataforma de investigación sobre inclusión financiera y protección socialUniversidad de ChileIDRC Only
1994Today's families : a bridge to the future; an International Conference in recognition of the International Year of the Family, selected proceedings, Montreal, QC, Canada, Oct. 12-15, 1994-Open Access
1982Todo lo toca la ciencia y la tecnologíaIcamina, P.Open Access