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2005Towards an African e-index : household and individual ICT access and usage across 10 African countries, 2005Gillwald, AlisonIDRC Only
2006Towards an African e-Index : ICT access and usage across 16 African countriesGillwald, Alison; Stork, ChristophIDRC Only
2006Towards an African e-index SME e-access and usage across 14 African countriesNsengiyumva, Albert; Ndiwalana, Ali; Mutagahywa, Beda; Stork, Christoph; Tusubira, F.F.IDRC Only
2008Towards an African research agenda for ICTs in education : interview with Dr. Thierry KarsentieLearning AfricaIDRC Only
1998Towards an atlas of malaria risk in Africa : first technical report of the MARA / ARMA collaborationMapping Malaria Risk in Africa; LeSueur, D.; Craig, M.; Fraser, C.; Sharp, B.; Martin, C.Open Access
1999Towards an economy in the hands of the people : parallel currencies in the majority world; study of the Tianguis Tlaloc local currency system in Mexico cityPromoción del Desarrollo Popular; Victoria International Development Education Association; DeMeulenaere, S.; Lopezllera-Mendez, L.; Greco, T.IDRC Only
2010Towards an ecosystem approach to policy process : insights from the sustainable livelihoods and ecosystem health approachesRobinson, Lance W.; Fuller, Anthony M.IDRC Only
2007Towards an ecosystem approach to the sustainable management of the Litani watershed - Lebanon : final technical report to IDRCCadham, John S.; Litani River Authority; Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research; Development Studies Association (DSA)IDRC Only
2006Towards an empirically based outcome analysis of governance, good governance & e-governmentGurstein, Michael; Kettani, Driss; El Mahdi, AsmaeIDRC Only
1978Towards an endogenous scientific and technological development for the Third WorldSagasti, F.R.IDRC Only
1994Towards an improvement of the fertilizer sub-sector in Kenya : in search of viable alternatives; paper presented at the KIRP (Kenya Industrial Research Project) final workshop at the Department of Economics, University of Nairobi, held on 22nd and 23rd December 1994Mugo, M.G.; Kabubo, J.W.IDRC Only
1997Towards an information society : development projects, Maputo, 4-5 February, 1997, 1st workshop; general information, programme and introductionCentro de Informática de Universidade Eduardo Mondlane; Da Silva, RosâniaIDRC Only
1997Towards an information society : development projects, Maputo, 4-5 February, 1997, 1st workshop; main reportCentro de Informática de Universidade Eduardo Mondlane; Republic of Mozambique; Da Silva, RosâniaIDRC Only
2011Towards an innovation-led development path in the Philippines : final technical reportDepartment of Science and TechnologyOpen Access
1982Towards an online integrated system at the National University of Singapore LibraryHochstadt, Peggy Wai Chee; Quah, J.; Hong, Ong GimIDRC Only
1983Towards an overview of Peru's fishing industry : problems and prospectsCIID. Oficina Regional para América Latina y el Caribe; Berrios, R.Open Access
1987Towards automation : a critical study of the Royal Naval Engineering College LibraryJohnson, M.A.C.IDRC Only
2001Towards better value for donor moneyMagayu, M.K.IDRC Only
1986Towards bibliographic control in the Caribbean : the Caribbean Information SystemModeste, J.; Shepherd, C.IDRC Only
2005Towards community - and scientific - based information integration in marine resource management in Indonesia : Bunaken National Park case studyNewman, Candace M.; LeDrew, EllsworthIDRC Only