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1986Survival strategies in the Andean countriesDoucet, A.Open Access
1984Survival tactics : Central America; everyone for himself and poverty for allMarcheterre, D.Open Access
1994Survival through diversity : global trends and environmental management into the XXI CenturyAnton, D.J.Open Access
1972Survival.Pearson, L.B.IDRC Only
1980Surviving : text of a speech by Ivan L. Head at the Interschool Conference on World Affairs, Toronto, 6 November, 1980Head, I.L.Open Access
1997Surviving poverty : common property resources in West Bengal, IndiaLittlemore, RichardOpen Access
2011Surviving the “Sasachacuy Tiempu” [difficult times] : the resilience of Quechua women in the aftermath of the Peruvian armed conflictSuarez, Eliana B.Open Access
2012Surviving Violence : Comparative Perspectives, September 28-29, 2012; workshop reportMorgan, DavidOpen Access
1994Survivors for our landMétavidea Associates; Banyan Ltd.; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.IDRC Only
1979Sus au rotavirusHibler, M.Open Access
1979Sus aux maladies tropicalesDorozynski, A.Open Access
1977Susceptibility of cassava chips to Araeceras fasciculatusPillai, K.S.Open Access
1984Susceptibility of cassava to Colletotrichum manihotisMuimba-Kankolongo, A.; Adeniji, M.O.; Terry, E.R.Open Access
1993Susceptibility of Meriones libycus (Rodentia: Cricetidae) to experimental infection with Leishmania major (Kinetoplastida: Trypanosomatidae)Al-Younes, H.M.M.IDRC Only
1992Suspended dreamsTelevision Trust for the Environment; One World Group of Broadcasters; British Broadcasting Corporation; Chamoun, J.K.; Masri, M.; Firstbrook, P.IDRC Only
1991Sustainability and entry pointsMacKay, K.T.IDRC Only
1998Sustainability and small scale mining : a brief study of Ghanaian policiesKofi Piedu, S.N.IDRC Only
2002Sustainability impact assessment of the Earth Summit @ 10 : a Canadian perspectiveElwell, C.; Mitchell, A.IDRC Only
1995Sustainability indicators : an annotated bibliography with emphasis on fishery systems, coastal zones and watershedsCharles, Anthony T.; Benjamin, CherylOpen Access
2010Sustainability of agricultural innovations : a case study from North VietnamIDRC Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia. EEPSEAOpen Access