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1991Third annual report of the Information and Documentation Project, Nov. 1, 1989-Oct. 31, 1990International Network for the Improvement of Banana and Plantain; Réseau international pour l'amélioration de la banane et de la banane plantain; Red Internacional para el Mejoramiento del Banano y del PlátanoIDRC Only
1979Third Biennial Meeting of AESSEA on Political Economy of Food Production and Trade in the Asean Region, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 27-29 Nov. 1979Agrarian Research and Training Institute; Gunawardena, P.J.IDRC Only
1992Third common property conference of the International Association for the Study of Common Property, Washington, DC, 17-20 Sept., 1992 : inequality and the commons; wildlife in the ocean commons - whales and other beastsHolt, SidneyIDRC Only
1974Third International Conference on Intrauterine ContraceptionIDRC; Population CouncilIDRC Only
1994Third international family nursing conference, May 25-28, 1994, Montréal, QC, Canada : program and abstractsMcGill University, School of NursingIDRC Only
1988Third International Soil Management Workshop : Management and Utilization of Acid Soils of Oceania, Belau, Feb. 2-6, 1987Demeterio, J.L.; DeGuzman, B.IDRC Only
1988Third International Solanaceae Congress : biology, sistematics, geography, July 25-30 1988, Bogota, Colombia, South AmericaInstituto Colombiano Agropecuario; Linnean Society of LondonIDRC Only
1992Third interregional workshop on health systems research, Cuernavaca, Mexico, July 27 - Aug. 7, 1992 : reportInstituto Nacional de Salud Pública; WHO; IDRC; Task Force on Health Research for Development; Pan American Health OrganizationIDRC Only
1992Third Interregional Workshop on Health Systems Research, Cuernavaca, Mexico, July 27-Aug. 7, 1992Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública; WHO; IDRC; Task Force on Health Research for DevelopmentIDRC Only
1992Third medium term work plan for 1992 - 1996African Regional Centre for TechnologyIDRC Only
1990Third Meeting of the Asian Fish Health Network, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, 30 Jan.-4 Feb. 1989Asian Fisheries Society; Asian Fish Health NetworkIDRC Only
1999Third meeting of the Intersessional Group (ISG3) : Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety, Yokohama, Japan, 1-4 Dec. 1998; final reportIntergovernmental Forum on Chemical SafetyIDRC Only
1996Third Meeting of the Support Group on Urban Agriculture (SGUA) : proceedings, Mar. 18-19, 1996The Urban Agriculture Network; IDRC; Wilson, B.L.Open Access
1972Third Meeting on Fortification of Mandioca Products.Brazil. Ministério da Saúde; Brazil. Ministerio da Agricultura; Nestel, B.L.Open Access
2005Third MSSRF South - South Exchange Travelling Workshop, 15-22 Oct. 2004, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, India : workshop reportM. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Centre for Research on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentOpen Access
1986Third Oilcrops Network Workshop, Addis Ababa, Oct. 6-11, 1986 : concluding remarksKer, A.D.R.Open Access
1990Third Pan Arab Seminar on Leishmaniasis and Other Zoonoses : existence of leishmania major in the South of Syria; causative agent of Damascus bollKhiami, A.Open Access
1990Third Pan Arab Seminar on Leishmaniasis and Other Zoonoses : the presence, distribution and seasonal abundance of potential vectors of cutaneous and visceral leishmaniases in JordanKamhawi, S.Open Access
2001Third PME training workshop schedule (May 31 - June 2, 2001)-Open Access
2003Third SAARC Peoples Forum, 15 - 17 August 2003, Ridoypur Vidyaghar, Tangail, BangladeshPolicy Research for Development Alternatives (UBINIG)IDRC Only