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2012Support for research and communication capacity building of the project team "Traditional science, technology and innovation systems in the context of modern incubator research development agency"Wamae, WatuOpen Access
1990Support for research and development on small ruminants by ACIARHoffman, D.; Copland, J.Open Access
1990Support for research and development on small ruminants by GTZSelmi, E.Open Access
1980Support for social sciences research in the Southern ConeFox, Elizabeth; Manitzas, NitaOpen Access
1997Support for the establishment of a secretariat for capacity building in environmental management : South Africa; project document, project design stageMESTOR Associates; Span Consultants; Environmental Risk Services Ltd.Open Access
Mar-2014Support for tobacco control research, dissemination and networking : final technical reportNakkash, Rima; Al Kadi, LamaOpen Access
2003Support for vitamin A supplementation in Zambia : progress report, Sept. 2002 - Mar. 2003UNICEFIDRC Only
1998Support institutions for small enterprises in Zambia and ZimbabweNamibian Economic Policy Research Unit; Hansohm, D.; Erastus-Sacharia, A.; Kadhikwa, G.IDRC Only
2004Support network for community ICT projects in the SADC region : final reportSANGONeTIDRC Only
2003Support to provision of vitamin A in Somalia : final reportUNICEFIDRC Only
1995Support to southern scientists : achievements and lessons learnedSmutylo, Terry; Ward, PhilipOpen Access
2012Supporting Acacia research partners in communicating for policy influence : final technical reportInternational Network for Availability of Scientific Publication (INASP)IDRC Only
2010Supporting biosafety policy decisions : "best practices" for assessing the social and economic impacts of transgenic crop varieties on small-scale farmers; final technical reportSmale, Melinda; La Viña, Tony; Falck-Zepeda, José; Paz Ybarnegaray, Rodrigo; Zambrano, PatriciaIDRC Only
2-Nov-1995Supporting Cuba's management of its transformation : enhancing the universities' contributionTaylor, D.R.F.IDRC Only
1999Supporting democracy : the South Africa - Canada Program on GovernanceIDRC; Sutherland, S.L.Open Access
1998Supporting development research : an assessment of the specifics of IDRC's approach to program deliveryEarl, S.; Smutylo, T.Open Access
Oct-2009Supporting efforts to link research to action in health systemsLavis, John NIDRC Only
2001Supporting environmental science in the MideastRobitaille, N.Open Access
29-Aug-2014Supporting Inclusive Growth : final prospectus reportIDRC. Supporting Inclusive Growth ProgramOpen Access
2010Supporting Inclusive Growth program prospectus for 2011-2016International Development Research Centre (IDRC)Open Access