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1985Submission to the WCEDManger, LeifIDRC Only
1985Submission to the WCEDNorwegian Farmers' Union; Agricultural Cooperative Organisations in NorwayIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDWildlife Society of Zimbabwe; Zambezi Society; Pitman, DickIDRC Only
1985Submission to the WCEDConfederación Universitaria CentroamericanaIDRC Only
1985Submission to the WCEDFundação Cloé - MisaelIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDCanadian Foundation for World DevelopmentIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDSouthern African Development Coordination ConferenceIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDBotswana. Ministry of Local Government and Lands, Dept. of Regional Town PlanningIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDCanada. Department of Fisheries and OceansIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDUNEP; Ferrari, MaximeIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDGrand Council of the Crees (of Québec); Moses, TedIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDWorld Council of Indigenous Peoples; Burgess, Hayden F.IDRC Only
1985Submission to the WCEDUnião dos Defensores da TerraIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDCanadian Chemical Producers' AssociationIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDBreastfeeding Information Group; Ogaye, Paschalia Edith; Kithinji, Lucy M.IDRC Only
1985Submissions to the World Commission on Environment and Development at the public hearings held in connection with its Fourth Meeting in São Paulo and Brazilia, Brazil, on October 28, 29 and 31, 1985World Commission on Environment and DevelopmentIDRC Only
1983Subordinación financiera y tecnológica de las empresas campesinas en la costa peruanaRevesz, B.IDRC Only
1982Subproyecto de El Salvador : estudio del complejo algodoneroEl Salvador. Ministerio de Planificación y Coordinación del Desarrollo Económico y Social; CIID; OEAIDRC Only
1981Subsidiarias en América Latina y el financiamiento de la inversión de las ET manufactureras de EUAChudnovsky, D.IDRC Only
1997Subsidizing unsustainable development : undermining the earth with public fundsde Moor, A.; Calamai, P.IDRC Only