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1984Subject guide to information sources in KenyaRobins, K.; Mulaha, A.R.IDRC Only
1990Subject headings list (index to classification scheme for ANAI materials)African Training and Research Centre in Administration for DevelopmentIDRC Only
1993Subjectivity and politics : on autonomy and collective bonds; the feminist critique of Dorothy Dinnerstein, Jessica Benjamin, Luce Irigaray and Julia KristevaMinoliti, C.IDRC Only
2000Subjects of the state : citizenship and governance in Eastern and Southern AfricaKanyinga, K.Open Access
2000Submarine springs in the Chekka Bay, Lebanon : delineation of salient features; final reportAmerican University of Beirut, Environmental Engineering Research Center; Ayoub, G.M.; Ghannam, J.; Khoury, R.; Acra, A.; Hamdar, B.IDRC Only
1985Submission on environmental crimes in the state of MaranhãoMaranhão. Assembléia Legislativa; Lobão, YedoIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDCanadian Association for the Club of RomeIDRC Only
1985Submission to the WCEDDyekjaer-Hansen, SidselIDRC Only
1985Submission to the WCEDPartido Ecológico Costarricense; Bonilla D., AlexanderIDRC Only
1985Submission to the WCEDHolt, Sidney J.IDRC Only
1985Submission to the WCEDInstituto Butantan, Museum; Federsoni, Pedro Antonio; Buononato, Marcus Augusto; Vitiello, Nayte; Zolcsak, ElisabethIDRC Only
1985Submission to the WCEDManger, LeifIDRC Only
1985Submission to the WCEDNorwegian Farmers' Union; Agricultural Cooperative Organisations in NorwayIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDWildlife Society of Zimbabwe; Zambezi Society; Pitman, DickIDRC Only
1985Submission to the WCEDConfederación Universitaria CentroamericanaIDRC Only
1985Submission to the WCEDFundação Cloé - MisaelIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDCanadian Foundation for World DevelopmentIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDSouthern African Development Coordination ConferenceIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDBotswana. Ministry of Local Government and Lands, Dept. of Regional Town PlanningIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDCanada. Department of Fisheries and OceansIDRC Only