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1981Summary report / International Symposium on Current Problems on Fruits and Vegetables (Tropical and Sub-Tropical), Mar. 24-26, 1980, PCARR ... PhilippinesPhilippine Council for Agriculture and Resources Research; International Society for Horticultural ScienceIDRC Only
1980Summary report / Regional Adaptive Technology CentresChung, Ki HoIDRC Only
1987Summary report 1983 - 1986 / Beekeeping : Malaysia research and developmentMalaysian Beekeeping Research and Development TeamIDRC Only
2001Summary report : action research project on workload, gender equity, and organizational effectiveness at IDRCMerrill-Sands, Deborah; Bailyn, Lotte; Fletcher, Joyce K.; Foldy, Erica; Kellogg, Kate; Rapoport, RhonaOpen Access
1987Summary report : Ayutthaya projectChulalongkorn University; Kraiyudht DhiratayakinantIDRC Only
2000Summary report : consultative workshop on gender - based violence, development and peace - building research initiatives; making the connections?Cole, J.IDRC Only
1988Summary report and recommendations / DEVINSA (Development Information Network in South Asia) National User's Workshop, Sri Lanka, Colombo, 29 Apr. 1988Marga Institute, Committee on Studies for Cooperation in DevelopmentIDRC Only
1984Summary report concerning phase I : Somali Sorghum Improvement ProgramAgricultural Research InstituteIDRC Only
2013Summary report from the IDRC-ILRI Workshop at the 2013 Prince Mahidol Award Conference / cross-sectoral collaboration for health and sustainability : a new agenda for generating and assessing research impact in the face of complexityInternational Development Research Centre (IDRC); International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)Open Access
2003Summary report of achievements and outputs, Nov. 1999 - Dec. 2002-IDRC Only
1996Summary report of CARTIS business opportunities service and trade fax serviceMcBean, V.IDRC Only
2003Summary report of group research papers : CBNRM Research Capacity Training Project, Nov. 1999 - Dec. 2002-IDRC Only
1985Summary report of IDRC supported grain legume project, phase II (Bangladesh)Bangladesh Agricultural Research InstituteIDRC Only
1979Summary report of IDRC supported millet improvement project, phase I (Bangladesh)Bangladesh Agricultural Research InstituteIDRC Only
1986Summary report of SEAPOL Technical Workshop on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea : Problems of Implementation in Southeast AsiaChulalongkorn UniversityIDRC Only
1990Summary report of the annual workshop of researchers held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Mar. 12-16, 1990Eastern Africa Technology Policy Studies Network; Mfaume Mlawa, Hasa; Rugumamu, SeverineIDRC Only
1985Summary report of the discussions at the First Consultative Committee Meeting on the International Development Research Centre's (IDRC) Singapore Slurry Pond Reclamation Project and the proposed Malaysian Slurry Pond Reclamation Project held in Singapore on Dec. 6-7, 1984Geotechnical Research Centre; McClelland International; Yong, R.N.; Chen, C.K.IDRC Only
2008Summary report of the EEPSEA-China in Country Training Course for Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Beijing, China, October 20 - 30, 2008Beijing Normal University. School of EnvironmentIDRC Only
1990Summary report of the EPTA Seminar on "A State of the Art-Cum-Practice Review of Vocational Training with Production in Tanzania"University of Dar es Salaam, Faculty of Education; Komba, D.IDRC Only
1982Summary report of the IDRC sponsored study visit of the project IMPACT in the Philippines, 9-14 Aug. 1982Thailand. Ministry of EducationIDRC Only