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1986Study report on development in rural ThailandPinit RatanakulIDRC Only
1981Study report on Thai - Chinese scientific cooperation on the study of postharvest diseases of fruit and vegetables in Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China, June 6-19, 1981Sing, Ching TongdeeIDRC Only
1983Study report on the intensive nursing of fry in circular plastic poolsPradhan, G.B.; Shrestha, N.IDRC Only
8-May-2015Study report on “Key Determinants Affecting Lower Middle Income Trap : Policy Recommendation for Avoiding Lower-Middle Income Trap for Lao PDR”Saykham VoladetIDRC Only
8-May-2015Study report on “Social Protection for Small-Scale Farmers in Lao PDR : Risk and Vulnerability Assessment”Saykham Voladet; Latsavong Bounsiphom; Vongphachane Xayyalath; Channaly ChanphathongIDRC Only
1985Study Seminar 117 : Microelectronics, Automation and Industrialization-IDRC Only
1974Study service : a surveyFussell, Diana; Quarmby, AndrewOpen Access
1976Study service in Indonesia : a preliminary reportIndonesian Research Team on Study ServiceIDRC Only
1976Study service in Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement, Sri Lanka, 1958-1976Ratnapala, N.IDRC Only
Aug-1996Study to assess environmental education needs of the urban communities in Tanzania using the community based approach : the case of Mbagala and Vingunguti communities in Dar es Salaam; final research reportMuganda, CorneliaIDRC Only
1981Study tour : IDRC Office and projects; Singapore and Malaysia, 22-29 Sept. 1981Siribaddhana, E.IDRC Only
1998Study tour in Thailand and Malaysia (26 April - 5 May 1998)Nong, Kim; Vanntha, Nin; Carson, TobyIDRC Only
1986Study tour of some institutions and governments ministries in five African countries involved in guidance and counselling and / or classroom interactions research, 1-22 Feb. 1986National University of Lesotho. Institute of Education; Montsi, Merci Y.IDRC Only
1987Study visit report on the Educational Management Information System in the Republic of IndonesiaThailand. Office of the National Education Commission; Panom Pongpaibool; Chinnapat Bhumirat; Prapaht JumpathaiIDRC Only
1999Study visit to Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire and Senegal with regard to the proposed Pan African research on education and health policy reforms in Africa : mission reportEgunjobi, L.; Falayajo, W.IDRC Only
1994Studying hygiene behaviour : methods, issues and experiencesCairncross, S.; Kochar, V.IDRC Only
1989Stump sprouts in the Milpa cycle and their role in forest regenerationRewald, M.IDRC Only
1993Stumpage appraisal in public forestation planning situations : a case study of Sao Hill Forest Project, TanzaniaSokoine University of Agriculture; Mgeni, A.S.M.; Price, C.IDRC Only
1993Style guide for editors and proofreaders of IDRC booksIDRC; Carman, B.Open Access
1977Style manual for International Development Research Centre English publicationsIDRC, Publications Division; Campbell, M.Open Access