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1996Sub-Regional Workshop on Land Tenure Issues in Natural Resources Management in the Anglophone East Africa with a Focus on the IGAD Region, Addis Ababa, 11-15 Mar. 1996Sahara and Sahel Observatory; ECAIDRC Only
1975Sub-Saharan AfricaGauthier, H.; Brown, G.F.IDRC Only
1999Sub-Saharan Africa : community - driven social policiesOsei-Hwedie, K.; Bar-on, A.Open Access
1984Sub-Saharan Africa policy paper - energySchramm, Gunter; Jhirad, David J.IDRC Only
1978Subchronic toxicity test for two thermotolerant filamentous fungi used for single cell protein productionKuo, C.Y.; Alexander, J.C.; Lumsden, J.H.; Thomson, R.G.IDRC Only
2005Subcommittee on Human Rights and International Development of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade : evidence; 38th Parliament, 1st sessionMedhora, R.; Duggan, C.IDRC Only
1975Subcontracting and employment flexibility in Hong Kong; final reportHsia, R.; Tsuji, A.IDRC Only
1985Subcontracting and industrialization in developing countriesYale University; Nabi, I.IDRC Only
2005Subcuenca Río El Ángel : provincia del Carchi, Ecuador-IDRC Only
1986Subdesarrollo como causa de bajo rendimiento en matemática : el aprendizaje de la matemática en la República DominicanaLuna, E.; González, S.IDRC Only
1972Subdesarrollo, ciencia y tecnologia: una apreciacion del rol de la universidad latinoamericana.Sagasti, F.R.IDRC Only
1990Subject classification scheme for ANAI materialsAfrican Training and Research Centre in Administration for DevelopmentIDRC Only
1982Subject for research on tourism, Srinager, Aug. 4-5, 1982 : Research Programme on Foreign Exchange Earnings and Employment GenerationIndian Council for Research on International Economic Relations; Chib, S.N.IDRC Only
1984Subject guide to information sources in KenyaRobins, K.; Mulaha, A.R.IDRC Only
1990Subject headings list (index to classification scheme for ANAI materials)African Training and Research Centre in Administration for DevelopmentIDRC Only
1993Subjectivity and politics : on autonomy and collective bonds; the feminist critique of Dorothy Dinnerstein, Jessica Benjamin, Luce Irigaray and Julia KristevaMinoliti, C.IDRC Only
2000Subjects of the state : citizenship and governance in Eastern and Southern AfricaKanyinga, K.Open Access
2000Submarine springs in the Chekka Bay, Lebanon : delineation of salient features; final reportAmerican University of Beirut, Environmental Engineering Research Center; Ayoub, G.M.; Ghannam, J.; Khoury, R.; Acra, A.; Hamdar, B.IDRC Only
1985Submission on environmental crimes in the state of MaranhãoMaranhão. Assembléia Legislativa; Lobão, YedoIDRC Only
1986Submission to the WCEDCanadian Association for the Club of RomeIDRC Only