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1986Study on penicillin resistant N. gonorrhoea in JamaicaKing, Sheila D.; Brathwaite, Alfred R.IDRC Only
1988Study on perennial cropping systems in Indonesia, particularly in West JavaIskandar, J.IDRC Only
1983Study on policy recommendation for Primary Health Care Program in KoreaJae Mo YangIDRC Only
2000Study on private universities in AfricaAssociation of African UniversitiesIDRC Only
1985Study on progression of pneumoconiosis among Korean coalface workers with special reference to anthracite exposureKyu, Sang Cho; Im, Goung Yun; Seung, Han Lee; Jung, Man KimIDRC Only
1984Study on relationship between fertility behaviour and size, structure and functions of the familyKhan, F.R.; Bhuiyan, A.Q.; Rahman, M.F.IDRC Only
1986Study on rural based abortion in NepalIntegrated Development Systems; Sharma, S.IDRC Only
1984Study on rural savings mobilization (Nepal)Agricultural Projects Services CentreIDRC Only
1984Study on setting up an information system for the National Institute for the Improvement of Working Conditions and Environment (NICE) in Bangkok, ThailandAbeytunga, P.K.Open Access
1986Study on small countries research : report on MalawiMkandawire, N.A.Open Access
1986Study on small country research (Mauritius)Centre de documentation de recherches et de formation indianocéaniquesIDRC Only
1982Study on some contributory factors to learning in Malaysian rural primary schools : school type and psychological profile analysesUniversiti Sains Malaysia; Ismail, M.; Ng, Wai KongIDRC Only
1980Study on some variables affecting learning in two types of rural primary schoolsUniversiti Sains Malaysia; Ng Wai KongIDRC Only
1977Study on the changing role of women and its impact on fertility behaviorYonsei UniversityIDRC Only
1978Study on the consumption of fuel in rural KoreaBan, Sung Hwan; Lee, Jil HyunIDRC Only
1997Study on the delay of therapy of thyphoid fever in Kham district, Xiengkhouang province, Lao P.D.R. : reportCouncil of Medical Sciences; Lao People's Democratic Republic. Ministry of Health; Vongthongchith, S.; Phimmachanh, B.IDRC Only
1994Study on the ecology of katle, Neolissochilus hexagonolepis (McClelland), in a Nepalese reservoir and riverSwar, D.B.; University of Manitoba, Department of ZoologyIDRC Only
1993Study on the effect of stocking density and species ratios on growth and production of silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Val.) and bighead carp (Aristichthys nobilis Rich.) in cages in Indrasarobar Reservoir, NepalPradhan, B.R.IDRC Only
2000Study on the extension strategy of agronomy office, RatanakiriUNDP; John, Ashish J.I.IDRC Only
2011Study on the gender aspects of the backyard poultry system in Ha Tay, Thai Binh, Thanh Hoa and Long An - IDRC project [Vietnamese language]Vu Chi Cuong; Tran Thi Mai Phuong; Nguyen Quy Khiem; Nguyen Thi NgaIDRC Only