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2000Surveying urban agriculture in JordanAlexander, D.Open Access
2003Surveys of delivery systems in rural finance : business transactions for smallholder farmers and entrepreneurs via DRUMNETCampaigne, JonathanIDRC Only
1979Surveys of the cultivated species of freshwater fishes, their culture and breeding methods in West Java, IndonesiaYat-Kiong, J.IDRC Only
1983Surveys of village cooperatives (KUDs) and economic evaluations of the use of flat bed driers : report of the first yearIndonesia. Badan Urusan LogistikIDRC Only
1985Survie de Botryodiplodia theobromae dans les tissus de l'ignameAderike, B.I.; Ogundana, S.K.Open Access
2000Survie des pauvres : migration urbaine et sécurité alimentaire en NamibieShore, K.Open Access
Jun-1997Survival food management in arid areas (Botswana) : evaluation reportBrigham, TimOpen Access
1998Survival Food Management in Arid Areas Project : final technical reportVeld Products Research and Development; Taylor, F.W.IDRC Only
1986Survival in a threatened worldCanada. Environment Canada; Canada. Statistics Canada, Analytical Studies BranchIDRC Only
1984Survival of Botryodiplodia theobromae in yam tissuesAderiye, B.I.; Ogundana, S.K.Open Access
2001Survival of the poorest : food security and migration in NamibiaFrayne, Guy Bruce; Department of Geography, Queen's UniversityIDRC Only
2000Survival of the poorest : urban migration and food security in NamibiaShore, K.Open Access
1984Survival of the strong - or the clever? : towards a regional conservation and development strategy for the Amazon BasinJohnson, BrianIDRC Only
1995Survival of Vietnam's forestsPepall, JenniferOpen Access
1976Survival of Xanthomonas manihotis, the cassava bacterial blight pathogenIkotun, T.Open Access
1980Survival on the Brandt planIDRC; Shirkie, R.Open Access
1986Survival strategies in the Andean countriesDoucet, A.Open Access
1984Survival tactics : Central America; everyone for himself and poverty for allMarcheterre, D.Open Access
1994Survival through diversity : global trends and environmental management into the XXI CenturyAnton, D.J.Open Access
1972Survival.Pearson, L.B.IDRC Only