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1982Subsistence fish exploitation and implications for management in the Baram River system, Sarawak, MalaysiaWatson, D.J.IDRC Only
1966Substance in some commercial preparations of Bacillus thuringiensis var. thuringiensis toxic to sawfly larvae.Smirnoff, W.A.; Berlinguet, L.IDRC Only
1996Substitutability of real estate assetsSeck, D.IDRC Only
1994Substitute bamboo for timber in China : a final report of project PD 124/91, rev. 1Chinese Academy of Forestry, Bamboo Information CentreIDRC Only
1993Substitute bamboo for wood in ChinaChinese Academy of Forestry, Bamboo Information Centre; International Tropical Timber OrganizationIDRC Only
1982Substitution of nonexhaustible resources for fossil fuel energy and industrial raw material resourcesSmith, B.; Saddler, H.Open Access
1990Substitutions entre céréales en zone de production : le cas de la région de KorhogoUniversité nationale de Côte d'Ivoire; Eponou, T.IDRC Only
1992Subtidal soft sediment mesocosmGray, J.S.Open Access
1988Subtidal versus intertidal cultivation of Crassostrea rhizophoraeLittlewood, D.T.J.IDRC Only
1993Suburban slum (favela); stream pollued by domestic garbage / Quartier pauvre (favela); accumulation d'ordures domestiques dans le ruisseauMarchand, DenisOpen Access
2005Subvención de interfase : enfoque ecosistémico a la salud por actividades antropogénicas en una cuenca manganesífera del estado de Hidalgo, México; informe finalInstituto Nacional de Salud Pública; Riojas Rodríguez, HoracioIDRC Only
1974Subventionner le développementBerlinguet, L.IDRC Only
2000Success stories : people and resource dynamics project; watershed studies in the Hindu Kush HimalayasShah, P.B.; Shrestha, B.; Nakarmi, G.; Schreier, H.; Brown, S.IDRC Only
2009Success stories in Asian aquacultureDe Silva, Sena S.; Davy, F. BrianOpen Access
2000Success stories of PARDYP in PakistanInternational Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD); Pakistan Forest InstituteIDRC Only
1999Success stories of rural ICTs in a developing country : report of the PANAsia Telecenter Learning and Evaluation Group's mission to India, involving visits to the Foundation of Occupational Development and the M.S. Swaminathan Research FoundationPANAsia Telecenter Learning and Evaluation Group (PANTLEG); IDRCOpen Access
2014Success story in food crop production : moving from subsistence farming to a sustainable livelihoodMcGill Institute for Global Food SecurityIDRC Only
1993Successful growth monitoring in South Indian villagesGeorge, S.M.; Latham, M.C.; Abel, R.Open Access
2000Successful stories : prepared for IDRC CBNRM Workshop, Guiyang, China, 16 - 20 October 2000International Farm Forestry Training Center, Chinese Academy of ForestryIDRC Only
1986Sucre : menace ou défi?; évaluation de l'incidence du développement technologique dans les industries des produits sucrochimiques et du sirop de glucose à haute teneur en fructoseThomas, Clive Y.Open Access