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1991Study of the NORPLANT counselling services in BangladeshIslam, S.; Nahar Kabir, Z.IDRC Only
1990Study of the occupational activities of female primary school leavers in five selected villages in Mpigi District in UgandaUganda. Ministry of Education; Bitamazire, G.N.IDRC Only
1982Study of the origins and status of remedial and continuing education in West Africa : report of a sponsored projectOmolewa, M.IDRC Only
1987Study of the output markets and of economic interaction between small scale and large scale production units in BursaBogazici Universitesi; Kaytaz, M.; Evcimen, G.IDRC Only
1988Study of the principal determinants of severe malnutrition in preschool children in a semi-arid area of KenyaWright, HeatherIDRC Only
1979Study of the problems and prospects of biogas technology as a mechanism for rural development : study in a pilot area of BangladeshIslam, M.N.IDRC Only
1987Study of the social and economic impact of Free Export Zones on Regional Communities in KoreaSeoul National University, Dept. of Geography; Lee, Ki Suk; Hwang, Manik; Rii, Hae UnIDRC Only
1995Study of the social policy mapping of NGOs in South AsiaSociety for Participatory Research in AsiaIDRC Only
1986Study of the soils of the Siabuwa Valley, Sebungwe Region, and their management for dryland peasant agricultureHungwe, A.IDRC Only
1983Study of the status of agriculture in Chiang Mai, Thailand : a comparison of the contemporary farm situation in villages both within and without the boundaries of areas serviced by the Royal Irrigation Dept.Chiang Mai University; Narinchai Patanapongsa; Nakorn Nalampang; Dusdee NalampangIDRC Only
1975Study of the subject scope, sources and quantities of development literature qualifying for admission to DEVSISIDRC; Aslib; Gilchrist, A.; Pickles, S.; Hensman, S.; Bowden, B.IDRC Only
1986Study of the suggested needs of 8th and 9th year of primary education in KenyaKenyatta University College; Digolo, O.O.; Maranga, J.S.IDRC Only
2011Study of the value of urban tree improvement in Phnom Penh city of Cambodia, using the contingent valuation method : final reportKimsrean, Din; Sophin, NhemIDRC Only
1981Study of the variability created by the characteristics of the organ of vegetative multiplication in Dioscorea alataAhoussou, N.; Toure, B.Open Access
1982Study of trade union education and research work in Kenya : present trends and recommendations for future improvementChikuta, J.C.Open Access
1983Study of traditional grain storage structures : Iringa and Morogoro regions of TanzaniaUniversity of Dar es Salaam; Mphuru, A.N.; Nsolla, M.N.IDRC Only
1991Study of trends in the production of minor millets, adoption of innovative technologies and assessment of the patterns of household consumptionKrishnamurthy, K.G.IDRC Only
1986Study of upland soil conservation strategies in selected areas of the PhilippinesUniversity of the Philippines at Los Baños, Dept. of Social Forestry; Cagampang, F.V.; Eslava, F.M.; Marinao, S.M.; Baguinon, N.T.; Rio-Abarquez, G.M.IDRC Only
1983Study of women's access to higher education in Kenya with a special reference to mathematics and science educationEshiwani, George S.IDRC Only
2008Study on "The Socialist Union of Popular Forces" [Arabic language]Abouchi, El HoucineIDRC Only