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1987Studies in achievement motivation in Kenya : an experimental study to measure students achievement motive as elicited by achievement arousal conditions given in reference to, and with emphasis on written assignmentsKaruga Gitau, BenIDRC Only
1983Studies in Caribbean public enterprise : volume 1, an overview of public enterprise in the Commonwealth CaribbeanUniversity of Guyana, Institute of Development Studies; University of the West Indies, Institute of Social and Economic Research; Bertrand, Louis; Brown, Adlith; Emmanuel, Patrick; Greenidge, Carl; Mayers, JohnIDRC Only
1983Studies in Caribbean public enterprise : volume 2, the legal framework of Commonwealth Caribbean public enterpriseUniversity of Guyana. Institute of Development Studies; University of the West Indies. Institute of Social and Economic Research; Alexander, A.A.; Carnegie, A.R.IDRC Only
1994Studies in environmental economics and development : environmental tax reform; theory, industrialized country experience, and relevance in LDCsSterner, T.IDRC Only
1990Studies in host plant resistance to Sitophilus zeamais (Motsch.) in maize germplasmMazarura, U.; Giga, D.P.IDRC Only
1987Studies into the immunopathogenesis and laboratory diagnosis of Dengue haemorrhagic feverPang, T.IDRC Only
2007Studies of IDRC supported research on greywater in Jordan conducted by INWRDAMBino, Murad J.; Al-Beiruti, Shihab N.Open Access
1988Studies of optimum treatment schedules for Plasmodium falciparum with alternative drugs in areas of chloroquine resistanceNational Institute for Medical Research. Amani Centre; Irare, S,G.M.; Mutabingwa, T.K.IDRC Only
1991Studies of sorghum leaf blight incited by Exserohilum turcicum (Pass.) Leo. & Suggs.Aden, M.H.IDRC Only
1988Studies of the biological activity of LHRH analogs in the rainbow trout, landlocked salmon, and the winter flounderCrim, L.W.; Nestor, J.J.; Wilson, C.E.IDRC Only
1985Studies of variability of the cowpea aphid borne mosaic virus (Cabmv) complex in NigeriaGumedzoe, M.Y.IDRC Only
1991Studies on agricultural information research for the development of a rural commodity economyLi Wenmao; Nie ShangqiOpen Access
1989Studies on Alternaria crassa (Sacc.) rands as a possible mycoherbicide on Datura stramonium L.Adhiambo Okoth, SheilaIDRC Only
1980Studies on bacterial blight of cassava in AfricaPersley, G.J.IDRC Only
1990Studies on diallel cross in sunflower (Helianthus. annuus L)Hammad, K.Open Access
1973Studies on employment in the Mexican housing industry.OECD Development Centre; Araud, G.; Boon, G.; Urquidi, V.L.IDRC Only
1986Studies on epidemiology of vital hepatitis and influenzaKang, Lai YiIDRC Only
1986Studies on genetic variability for various attributes in different mating systems, F2 and F3 populations of rapeseedSingh, D.; Lodhi, G.P.; Singh, H.IDRC Only
1990Studies on genetic, cultural and insecticidal controls against the bean fly, Ophiomyia phaseoli (Tryon) (Diptera: Agromyzidae), in EthiopiaAbate, T.IDRC Only
1987Studies on low dose combined and progestogen only contraceptives in Korean women : final reportKyungya, RyuIDRC Only