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Aug-1978Sri Lanka's farmer : a model for self-relianceFernando, NimalOpen Access
Jul-1982Sri Lanka's low-cost energy saversWanigasundara, MallikaOpen Access
1990SRUPNA newsletter / Agency for Agricultural Research and Development, Small Ruminant Production Systems Network for AsiaAgency for Agricultural Research and DevelopmentIDRC Only
1988St. Lucia civil code and code of civil procedure : case law secondary sourcesNewton, V.IDRC Only
1973Stabilitié des pays riches tributaire du sort réservé au Tiers Monde : Louis Rasminsky; le nouveau président du Conseil du CRDI-Open Access
1998Stability of iodine in iodized salt used for correction of iodine deficiency disordersDiosady, L.L.; Alberti, J.O.Open Access
1990Stability parameters for seed characters in different species of oleiferous BrassicaSingh, H.; Singh, D.; Lather, V.S.Open Access
1996Stabilization and economic growth in Brazil under external liberalization : final technical report (March 1, 1995 to January 28, 1996)Wemeck, Rogério; Carneiro, Dionísio; de P. Abreu, Marcelo; Garcia, MárcioIDRC Only
1994Stabilization and Growth – Brazil : final technical and financial reports from January 1,1991 to December 31,1993Werneck, Rogerio; Carneiro, Dionísio; Amadeo, Edward; Camargo, José Márcio; Bonelli, RegisIDRC Only
1993Stabilization and growth, Brazil : interim technical and financial reports from Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 1992Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de JaneiroIDRC Only
1971Stabilization of anthocyanins in frozen tart cherries by blanching.Siegel, A.IDRC Only
1985Stabilization policies and the poorUniversity of Toronto; Helleiner, G.K.IDRC Only
2003Stable isotope analyses and demographic responses counter prospects of planktivory by Caridina (decapoda: atyidae) in Lake VictoriaCampbell, L.M.; Hart, R.C.; Hecky, R.E.Open Access
2003Stable isotope analyses of food web structure and fish diet in Napoleon and Winam gulfs, lake Victoria, East AfricaCampbell, L.M.; Hecky, R.E.; Wandera, S.B.Open Access
1975Stable tropical fish products; reportCampbell, MarilynOpen Access
1973Staff of life : new ways to make bread-Open Access
1984Staff rulesWorld Commission on Environment and DevelopmentOpen Access
1998Stage d'étude au Kenya et en Tanzanie : résuméUniversité LavalIDRC Only
1991Stage de formation interface industrie-recherche au Centre de Recherche Industrielle du Québec (CRIQ) du 26 juillet au 6 septembre 1991Achkari-Begdouri, AbdellatifIDRC Only
1985Stage en médecine tropicale, Nicaragua, été 1985Poulin, M.J.IDRC Only