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2001Statute Damnak Nakta Thmor Poun Community Forestry : Domank Snoul, Tbeng Pork and Prey Yav villages in Sre Knong Commune, Chumkiri district, Kampot provinceCambodia. Ministry of Environment; Cambodia. Ministry of Agriculture; Royal University of Agriculture of CambodiaIDRC Only
1993Staying on top of health newsNewton, PeterOpen Access
1991STD/AIDS risk awareness and use of condoms among UgandansAnkrah, E. Maxine; Wangalwa, Sam; Asingwiire N.; Nuwagaba, AugustineIDRC Only
1976Steam generator for rattan formingEconomic Development FoundationIDRC Only
1985Steel versus tile roofing : what's appropriate for Kenya?Coughlin, P.IDRC Only
1992Steeling themselves with knowledgeCastonguay, G.Open Access
1979Steering a wise course for agricultural researchSolandt, O.Open Access
2002Stemming of Amharic words for information retrievalAlemayehu, Nega; Willett, PeterIDRC Only
1992Stemming the tide of AIDSSpurgeon, D.Open Access
1999Step lightly : final report; global youth sustainable consumption strategyUnited Nations Environment Programme Youth Advisory Council (UNEP YAC)IDRC Only
2008STI [science, technology and innovation] policy research and the STI policy environment in Africa : a scoping paper for the IPS [Innovation, Policy and Science] program area of IDRCWamae, WatuOpen Access
1980STI flows in developing countries : the experience of the International Development Research CentreWoolston, J.E.IDRC Only
2001Still fighting : the Nicaraguan women's movement, 1977-2000Isbester, KatherineIDRC Only
1998Still killing : land mines in Southern AfricaVines, A.Open Access
2007Still on the road : decentralisation and women's citizenship in KenyaMitullah, Winnie V.; Kanyinga, Karuti; Munguti, KaendiIDRC Only
Feb-2006Still paying the price : revisiting the cholera epidemic of 2000- 2001 in South AfricaHemson, David; Dube, Bongi; Mbele, Thami; Nnadozie, Remigius; Ngcobo, Dumisani; McDonald, David A.; Ruiters, GregIDRC Only
1977Stimulants économiques : piliers du progrès agricoleHopper, W.D.Open Access
2004Stimulating investment in network extension : the case of South AfricaGillwald, Alison; Esselaar, StephenIDRC Only
1987Stimulation of Gonadotropin secretion and ovulation in common carp by an analogue of salmon GnRH and DomperidoneHao Ren Lin; Jian Yong Liang; Kraak, G. van der; Peter, R.E.IDRC Only
2003Stimuler le tourisme dans les cantons de l'Afrique du SudMartin, A.Open Access