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1980Statistical control system for public and collectively owned land : mission report, Tunis, Sept. 15-26, 1980Terjanian, A.S.R.; Gharbi, A.IDRC Only
1975Statistical data on Korea's trade and growthHong, WontackIDRC Only
1994Statistical evaluation of methodologies for genetic strain evaluation in small to medium sized experimental facilitiesBasiao, Z.U.IDRC Only
2009Statistical handbook on baseline survey : part 1; data tables; (Focus City Programme : Community based Assessment and Improvement of Living Environment in USSs and Environs; the case of Gothamipura, Colombo)Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA); Colombo Municipal Council; SevanathaIDRC Only
1992Statistical methods and their applications for the analysis and interpretation of the IDRC Global Water Quality Control Project "Training Manual"National Water Research Institute; El-Shaarawi, A.H.IDRC Only
2013Statistical methods to expect extreme values : application of POT approach to CAC40 return indexZoglat, A.; El Adlouni, S.; Ezzahid, E.; Amar, A.; Okou, C.G.; Badaoui, F.Open Access
2002Statistiques essentiellesPepall, J.Open Access
1993Status and dynamics in Jua Kali metal-work in KenyaTwoli, N.W.; Maundu, J.N.IDRC Only
1990Status and requirement of bauxite slime disposal problem of JamaicaWagh, Arun S.IDRC Only
1984Status assessment of solar photovoltaic technologyEnergy Research Group; Mintzer, I.IDRC Only
1984Status of audiovisual education in preservice teacher preparation in GhanaLaryea, M.G.A.IDRC Only
2002Status of B2B e-commerce in the South African manufacturing sector : evolutionary or revolutionary?Moodley, SagrenOpen Access
1978Status of biocontrol investigations concerning simuliidaeLaird, M.IDRC Only
1993Status of Brassica crops in PakistanQazi, M.H.; Khaliq, P.Open Access
1990Status of breeding research on Brassica oil crops at Pantnagar, IndiaSachan, G.N.Open Access
1975Status of chickpea research in the Middle EastHawtin, G.C.IDRC Only
1996Status of children prior to schooling and the learning environment in schoolsMyers, R.G.IDRC Only
Oct-2014Status of climate change adaptation in Africa and AsiaFord, James D.; Berrang-Ford, Lea; Bunce, Anna; McKay, Courtney; Irwin, Maya; Pearce, TristanOpen Access
1992Status of community needs, resources and development : Solukhumbu DistrictThe Mountain Institute; Nepali, R.K.; Sangam, K.IDRC Only
2009Status of consumer protection in ZambiaMwansa, KatwambaIDRC Only