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1997Survey and assessment of IDRC's completed project : case study report; Sustainable Land and Forest Management ProjectBuendia, R.G.Open Access
1997Survey and assessment of IDRC's completed projects : social policy, public goods and quality of life issues; impact study of the IDRC-supported project "Toward a Sustainable Development Strategy for the Sierra de los Tuxtlas, Mexico"Sánchez, Andrés; Wind, TriciaOpen Access
1998Survey and assessment of IDRC's completed projects : social policy, public goods and quality of life issues; three case studiesBajaj, M.Open Access
1985Survey and documentation of traditional banana growing practices in the Philippines, May 1983-Apr. 1984University of the Philippines at Los Baños; Espino, R.R.C.IDRC Only
1985Survey and on-farm trials in private beef cattle finishing feedlots in the Khartoom areaEl-Medani-Ahmed, S.; El-Hag, M.G.; Mohamed, T.S.A.Open Access
2004Survey and scoping issues analytical report : key research areas in the Caribbean, Jan. - Mar. 2004-IDRC Only
1984Survey costs and rural economics researchMcIntyre, J.Open Access
2006Survey goals and methods : comprehensive and reliableIDRCOpen Access
1987Survey of botanical pest control practices in selected Philippine communitiesPhilippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and DevelopmentIDRC Only
-Survey of climate-related risk on tilapia culture in earthen pond [Thai language]Aquaculture Climate Change Project (AQUADAPT)IDRC Only
Sep-2013Survey of climate-related risks to tilapia pond farms in Northern ThailandPimolrat, Pornpimol; Whangchai, Niwooti; Chitmanat, Chanagun; Promya, Jongkon; Lebel, LouisIDRC Only
1998Survey of collaborative Internet technologiesIDRC, Unganisha Project; Ball, A.Open Access
1997Survey of completed IDRC projects in Southern Africa : commercialisation case study; agri-industryMurray, M.I.Open Access
1997Survey of completed projects in Southern Africa : public good case - study; agricultural and natural resource management projectsHasler, R.Open Access
2006Survey of coordinators and members of IDRC - supported Networks (1995-2005) : final reportDecima ResearchOpen Access
1988Survey of correlates of mortality in Sierra LeoneKandeh, H.B.S.Open Access
1987Survey of current grazing schemes in the communal lands of ZimbabweUniversity of Zimbabwe, Centre for Applied Social Sciences; Cousins, B.IDRC Only
1984Survey of curriculum management styles in selected rural primary schoolsUniversiti Sains Malaysia; Othman, G.; Bin Syed Ahmad, S.I.; Saanthirm, R.IDRC Only
1978Survey of domestic rural energy use and potential in FijiUniversity of the South Pacific; Siwatibau, S.IDRC Only
1976Survey of economic and social information and documentation services in Latin America and the CaribbeanCentro Latinoamericano de Documentación Económica y SocialIDRC Only