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1987Soyabean Workshop reportde Padua, D.B.IDRC Only
2009Soybean and the contribution of oilseeds to biodiesel production in BrazilNildo de S. Vianna, João; de F. Wehrmann, Magda Eva S.; Duarte, Laura M.G.IDRC Only
1982Soybean cereal intercropping and its implications in soybean breedingMakena, M.M.; Doto, A.L.Open Access
1978Soybean grain yields, nitrogen fixation, Rhizobia numbers and serogroups as affected by inoculation and fertilizer nitrogenSemu, E.IDRC Only
1991Soybean Post Harvest Technology (Indonesia) : technical progress report (1 February to 15 October 1990)-IDRC Only
1991Soybean Postharvest Technology Project : socio-economic aspects of Soybean Postharvest TechnologyChiang Mai University; Khon Kaen University; Somsak Priebprom; Kamol Ngamsomsuke; Supachat Sukharomana; Venus Reuachai; Arkom KarnjanaprachoteIDRC Only
1994Soybean processing and utilization for sustainable development in Nigeria : IDRC/IITA Soybean Utilization Project, phase II; final report, February 1991 - April 1994Osho, S.M.; Dashiell, K.E.Open Access
1989Soybean rust newsletter, volume 7, October 1985 - volume 9, February 1989Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center. International Working Group on Soybean RustIDRC Only
1987Soybean varietal improvement : proceedings of the international workshop, Jakarta, Indonesia, 21-22 July 1984Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center; IRRI; International Soybean Program; International Institute of Tropical Agriculture; Shanmugasundaran, S.; Lastimosa, P.; Llemit, N.IDRC Only
Oct-1981Soybeans in the Sahel?Barry, AliouOpen Access
1985Space : a medium of communication for African peasantsFleury, J.M.Open Access
1993Space for bicycles in the Chinese cityNewton, PeterOpen Access
1966Space ship earthWard, B.IDRC Only
1988Space utilisation in Hong Kong public housing : a co-operative research projectHong Kong Polytechnic, Swire School of Design; Ontario College of Art, Dept. of Industrial Design; Tomkin, D.; Lee Tak Chi; Barnwell, M.Open Access
1978Spaceship earth : a global overviewStrong, M.F.IDRC Only
2006Spacial analysis of sleeping sickness, Southeastern Uganda, 1970 - 2003Berrang-Ford, Lea; Berke, Olaf; Abdelrahman, Lubowa; Waltner-Toews, David; McDermott, JohnIDRC Only
1995Spain's cooperation with archives in developing countriesInternational Council on Archives; Vazquez De Parga, MargaritaIDRC Only
1991SPARC of hope for India's slum dwellersGahlot, D.Open Access
1992Spatfall monitoring and spat collection of oyster in South Sulawesi, IndonesiaTangko, A.M.; Sudradjat, A.; Suharyanto; Pantjara, B.; GunartoIDRC Only
1995Spatial analysis of malaria risk in an endemic region of Sri LankaGunawardena, D.M.; Muthuwattac, L.; Weerasingha, S.; Rajakaruna, J.; Kumara, W.U.Open Access