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15-Oct-2014Systematic review of research on climate change adaptation policy and practice in Africa and South Asia deltasLwasa, ShuaibOpen Access
2012Systematic review of studies comparing 24-hour and spot urine collections for estimating population salt intakeChen Ji; Sykes, Lindsay; Paul, Christina; Dary, Omar; Legetic, Branka; Campbell, Norm R.C.; Cappuccio, Francesco P.IDRC Only
2009Systematic review of the use of telehealth in Asian countriesDurrani, Hammad; Khoja, ShariqIDRC Only
1976Systematic spacing designs as an aid to the study of intercroppingHuxley, P.A.; Maingu, Z.Open Access
1980Systematics of African molossid bats of the subgenus Xiphonycteris of the genus Tadarida (Molossidae: chiroptera)El-Rayah, M.A.IDRC Only
1983Systematics, self-incompatibility, breeding systems, and genetic improvement of leucaena speciesBrewbaker, J.L.Open Access
1975Systeme international d'information pour les sciences et la technologie agricoles (AGRIS).FID; Aubrac, R.Open Access
1972Systeme traditionnel d'echange de journees de travail: les convois Marie-Galantais.Université de Montréal; Laplante, A.Open Access
2008Systemic evaluation of processes (ESPRO)Mercado B., David R.Open Access
Jul-2011Systemic overview of the Uganda Legal Information InstituteKirunda, RobertIDRC Only
1995Systemic user driven sustainability assessment : the IUCN / IDRC Project on Monitoring and Assessing Progress Toward Sustainability; Approach, Methods, Tools, ProgressInternational Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources - World Conservation UnionIDRC Only
2001Systems analysis training : introduction to the livelihood system analysis frameworkNooyens, T.; Meijers, H.IDRC Only
1999Systems and farmer participatory research : developments in research on natural resource managementCentro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical; Jones, A.; Fujisaka, S.IDRC Only
1973Systems approach for the analysis and design of stimuli, responses, and experiments.Mitroff, I.I.; Sagasti, F.R.IDRC Only
1972Systems approach to science and technology policy-making and planning; analysis and implicationsSagasti, F.R.IDRC Only
1985Systems experience related to livestockZandstra, H.G.IDRC Only
1985Systems for evaluating flood and subsidence control projects in BangkokDooley, J.E.IDRC Only
1979Systems of analysis for evaluating fibrous feedsSoest, P.J. Van; Robertson, J.B.Open Access
1975Systems specification for bibliographic information processing implemented on a midi-computer systemIDRC; Somerfield, G.A.IDRC Only
1983Systems, networks and FID : a discussion paperBrandreth, M.Open Access