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1990Syrian agricultural bibliography, 1990National Center for Agricultural Documentation; Syrian Arab Republic. Directorate of Planning and StatisticsIDRC Only
2010System dynamics and GIS in the simulation of environmental change to coastal communitiesPakdel, SaharIDRC Only
1981System evaluation : a case study of the Thai Department of Nonformal EducationBernard, Anne KathleenIDRC Only
1991System evaluation and design tour report, 23 Mar. 1991-17 May 1991B.C. Hydro; Pakistan. Water and Power Development AuthorityIDRC Only
1977System for food delivery from root cropsNakayama, T.O.M.; Moy, J.H.; da Fonseca, J.L.F.Open Access
1970System for generating Urdu / Farsi / Arabic scriptUniversité de Montréal; Hyder, S.S.IDRC Only
1971System for generating Urdu / Farsi / Arabic scriptHyder, S.S.IDRC Only
1973System for graphically generating Arabic charactersNational Research Council of Canada; Hyder, S.S.; Urion, H.K.IDRC Only
1993System for planning aheadLahiri, M.Open Access
1978System of financing for the technological development of the Third WorldUnited NationsIDRC Only
1981System of resource allocation to agricultural research in KenyaMuturi, S.N.Open Access
1991System of the PCARRD Applied Communication Division in transferring agricultural technology to farmersStuart, T.H.Open Access
2000System of vertical cultivation for the organic agriculture in underused urban spaces in Cuba : technical reportSocorro Castro, A.R.IDRC Only
1991System science of human populationBeijing Institute of Information and Control; Chinese University of Hong Kong; Yu JingyuanIDRC Only
1990System specification and data base design for an Inter-Agency Development Research Information System (IDRIS)IDRCIDRC Only
1983System specification and data base design for an Inter-Agency Development Research Information System (IDRIS) : pilot projectMorin-Labatut, G.; Thompson, D.F.Open Access
2009System-level determinants of immunization coverage disparities among health districts in Burkina Faso : a multiple case studyHaddad, Slim; Bicaba, Abel; Feletto, Marta; Taminy, Elie; Kabore, MoussaOpen Access
2004Systematic approach to representing local knowledge : the use of agro-ecological knowledge toolkit in action research on Rumex nepalensisCenter for Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge; Wilkes, Andreas; Shen ShicaiIDRC Only
1989Systematic managerial analysisSoutheast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture; University of the Philippines at Los Baños; Cuyno, R.V.IDRC Only
22-Feb-2015Systematic review approaches for climate change adaptation researchBerrang-Ford, Lea; Pearce, Tristan; Ford, James D.Open Access