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1985Statement to the WCEDUNCTAD, SecretariatIDRC Only
1985Statement to the WCEDClinton-Davis, StanleyIDRC Only
1985Statement to the WCEDBlanchard, FrancisIDRC Only
1985Statement to the WCEDFiil, ErikIDRC Only
1985Statement to the WCEDNorges Naturvernforbunds Ungdomsorganisasjon, Natur & Ungdom; Hauge, FredericIDRC Only
1985Statement to the WCEDMinty, Abdul SamadIDRC Only
1986Statement to the WCEDElsa Wild Animal Appeal; Johnson, Peter M.IDRC Only
1985Statement to the WCEDMcCarthy, Thomas M.IDRC Only
1985Statement to the WCEDSahlgren, Klaus A.IDRC Only
1985Statement to the WCEDSandbrook, RichardIDRC Only
1985Statement to the WCEDBjerke, JuulIDRC Only
1976Statement.CIDA; Gerin-Lajoie, P.IDRC Only
1992Statements / Environmental NGO position papers for UNCED : phase IThird World NetworkIDRC Only
2005Statements by government delegations and observers regarding UNDP-APDIPs ORDIG Initiative at the High Level Asia-Pacific Conference for the World Summit on the Information Society, in Tehran on 31 May - 2 June 2005UNDP Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme (UNDP-APDIP)IDRC Only
1992Station de recherches piscicoles de Bouaké-KokondekroWongbe, A.Y.Open Access
1989Statistical analyses of runoff, river stage and peak discharge, Tao River, ChinaXu Baoxiang; Madramootoo, C.A.; Austin, G.L.; Blaskovic, M.IDRC Only
1996Statistical analysis of foreign exchange rate behaviour in Nigeria's auctionOgiogio, G.O.Open Access
2009Statistical Compilation of the ICT Sector and Policy Analysis : project descriptionOrbicomIDRC Only
2011Statistical compilation of the ICT sector and policy analysis : synthesis reportUhrbach, MarkIDRC Only
2011Statistical compilation of the ICT sector and policy analysis in BrazilPorcaro, Rosa Maria; Jorge, Marina F.IDRC Only