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Mar-2012Sudanese in Cairo, March 2012AUC. Center for Migration and Refugee Studies; Tufts University. Feinstein International CenterIDRC Only
1995Sudáfrica : un lugar para reconstruirWeiss, AndreaOpen Access
1992Sudáfrica en transiciónHelleiner, G.Open Access
1992Suelo I : edafologíaColegio Dominicano de Estudios Profesionales, Facultad de Ciencias Agronomicas; Ogando Montero, J.; O'oleo, A.M.IDRC Only
1992Suelo IIColegio Dominicano de Estudios Profesionales, Facultad de Ciencias Agronomicas; Ogando Montero, J.; D'Oleo, A.M.IDRC Only
1985Sugar : threat or challenge?; an assessment of the impact of technological developments in the high fructose corn syrup and sucrochemicals industriesThomas, C.Y.Open Access
1988Sugar availability, diet, and dental caries : an epidemiological studyManji, F.M.; Faculty of Medicine, University of LondonIDRC Only
1978Sugar cane production : an annotated bibliography of literature from tropical Asia and the Pacific covering the period 1966-1976Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture; Sison, J.C.; Aterrado, V.R.IDRC Only
1999Sugar fortification to end vitamin A deficiency in Southern and Eastern Africa : report of a public - private dialogue ... Ezulwini, Swaziland, June 29 - July 1, 1999Micronutrient Initiative; UNICEF; International Sugar OrganizationOpen Access
1984Sugar trade of ThailandSomrux Raksasap; Asdang PanikabutreIDRC Only
1997Sugerencias para la definición de objetivos y criterios de desarrollo sostenible y la estimación de indicadores en la Región Ucayali - PerúServicios Internacionales para el Desarrollo Empresarial; Pomareda Benel, C.IDRC Only
1975Sugerir temas para o esfôrço de síntese : análise comparada; a ser realizado por equipes do México, Argentina e BrasilProjeto Instrumentos de Política Científica e Tecnológica. Equipe BrasileiraIDRC Only
1975Suggested method for improving the information base for establishing priorities in cassava researchPinstrup-Andersen, P.; Díaz, R.O.Open Access
1991Suggested microbiological water quality tests for developing countries and rural and isolated North American communitiesDutka, B.J.IDRC Only
1987Suggested outline for nutrition research support : International Development Research CentreHulse, J.H.Open Access
1976Suggestions for a workshop on operation researchKelly, P.Open Access
1972Suggestions for Canadian science in development in Africa.Association of African Studies in Canada; Steckle, J.Open Access
1991Suggestions to set mesh size limits and restrict the fishing methods and the type of fishing gears on lakes Victoria and KyogaUganda Fresh Water Fisheries Research Organisation; Ogutu-Ohwayo R; Twongo, T.; Wandera, S. B.; Balirwa, J. B.IDRC Only
1985Suggestions to the World Commission on Environment and DevelopmentAção Democrática Feminina GáuchaIDRC Only
1985Sugpo and other Philippine penaeids : a classified list of materials available at the SEAFDEC Aquaculture Dept. LibrarySEAFDEC Aquaculture Dept., Library and Documentation ServicesIDRC Only