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1980Sorghum dehuller : demo tapeIDRCOpen Access
1985Sorghum dry millingInternational Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics; Reichert, R.D.IDRC Only
1980Sorghum genetic resources in AfricaGebrekidan, B.IDRC Only
1977Sorghum grain mould in Senegal; methods used for identifying resistant varieties.Denis, J.C.; Girard, J.C.; Samb, M.IDRC Only
1978Sorghum improvement (Ethiopia) : an evaluation; phase I...IDRCOpen Access
1988Sorghum improvement : national programmesDoggett, H.IDRC Only
1983Sorghum improvement in Eastern Africa : proceedings of the Regional Workshop on Sorghum Improvement in Eastern Africa, 17-21 Oct., 1982, Nazreth and Debre Zeit, EthiopiaEthiopian Sorghum Improvement Project; Addis Ababa University; Institute of Agricultural Research; IDRC. Regional Office for Eastern and Southern AfricaIDRC Only
1977Sorghum improvement in Senegal.Denis, J.C.; Mauboussin, J.C.IDRC Only
1984Sorghum improvement in SomaliaHashi, M.Open Access
1984Sorghum improvement in ZimbabweMushonga, J.N.Open Access
1987Sorghum in a mixed diet for preschool children : good acceptability with and without simple reduction of dietary bulkSwanberg, Ulf S.-O.; Fredrikzon, Bo; Gebre-Hiwot, Belainesh; Taddesse, Wond WossenIDRC Only
1982Sorghum Mill Project - Pitsane, Botswana : a review, analysis and recommendation reportBotswana Agricultural Marketing BoardIDRC Only
Nov-1980Sorghum milling : a new agro-industry for BotswanaForrest, R.S.; Yaciuk, G.Open Access
1983Sorghum milling : the Botswana experience, and progress toward implementation in other African countriesSchmidt, O.G.Open Access
1982Sorghum milling in Botswana : a development impact case studyHardie, J.D.M.Open Access
Jan-1988Sorghum milling industry in Botswana : a case study of the development of an industry around an innovative appropriate technologyGibbs, DianaIDRC Only
1986Sorghum milling TADD method : final report Jan. 4, 1982 - Jan. 16, 1986Plant Biotechnology Institute; Reichert, R.D.IDRC Only
1988Sorghum milling, ZimbabweSilveira HouseIDRC Only
1979Sorghum polyphenols and bird resistanceBullard, R.W.; Elias, D.J.Open Access
1987Sorghum processing, BotswanaSchmidt, O.G.IDRC Only