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1981Some aspects on the biology and control of the anchor worm (Lernaea cyprinacea) in Indonesia : final technical reportResearch Institute for Inland Fisheries; Santosa Koesomadinata; Rukyani, A.; Qomaruddin, O.; Djajadiredja, R.IDRC Only
1990Some aspects towards overcoming vegetable oils insufficiency in Egypt : production of sunflower and its improvement in Suez Canal RegionAbdel-Wahab, A.F.M.Open Access
1988Some biological aspects of the predominant fish species in the Jatiluhur Reservoir, West Java, IndonesiaHardjamulia, A.; Setiadi, K.E.; Rabegnatar, W.S.Open Access
1981Some characteristics of yellow pigmented cassavaOduro, K.A.Open Access
1974Some comments on the World Food Conference.Rao, M.S.IDRC Only
1988Some concepts and tools for technology assimilationBarrio, S.IDRC Only
1985Some correlations of academic performance at the senior primary school levelUniversity of Ibadan; Obanya, P.; Osafehinti, I.IDRC Only
1991Some determinants of fertility among Banyankole : findings of the Ankole fertility surveyNtozi, J.P.M.; Kabera, J.B.; Mukiza-Gapere, J.; Ssekamatte-Sebuliba, J.; Kamateeka, J.IDRC Only
1990Some economic aspects affecting small ruminant development in Near East countriesSoliman, I.Open Access
1988Some estimates of fish yield in the Baram River, Sarawak : Baram Lake and Riverine Fisheries Development Project ... SarawakAng, M.H.IDRC Only
1995Some experiments with food stamps : a surveySuryanarayana, M.H.IDRC Only
1979Some factors which encourage outcrossing in pigeon peaOnim, J.F.M.; Eijnatten, C.L.M. Van; Pathak, R.S.IDRC Only
1980Some factors which encourage outcrossing in pigeon peaOnim, J.F.M.IDRC Only
1977Some fishery options for food supply increase in the Caribbean AtlanticAllsopp, W.H.L.Open Access
1983Some further thoughts on the proposed social accounting matrix for the Swaziland economyUniversity of Swaziland; Matsebula, M.S.IDRC Only
1989Some hydrologic aspects of snowmelt runoff under summer conditions, in the Barpu Glacier Basin, Central Karakoram, Himalaya, Northern PakistanAli, G.IDRC Only
1991Some ideas on the tendencies of information services by the regional information agencies of agricultural science and technologyPu Yunfeng; Li PushenOpen Access
2000Some important medicinal plants of the Western Ghats, India : a profileIDRC. Regional Office for South Asia, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Program in Asia; Warrier, P.K.; Nambiar, V.P.K.; Ganapathy, P.M.Open Access
Sep-2009Some Indicators of the Impact of our Work supported by IDRC-IDRC Only
1978Some insect pests of leguminous crops in SyriaKemkemian, A.A.Open Access