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2008Supplement to final technical report / Strengthening Research Capacity in AfghanistanMalik, Najib; Mousa, Ziad; Patkar, Archana; Martini, Malika; Abdul-Hadi, Zaid; Aw-Hassan, AdenIDRC Only
2007Supplement to the report of the MarGov project inception workshop held at the UWI Cave Hill Campus, Barbados, 15-16 May 2007 : working papers and presentationsCentre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES)IDRC Only
2012Supplemental irrigation in farming systems : history of a practice and outlooks for Burkina FasoTuekam Fossi, Sévère; Barbier, Bruno; Yacouba, Hamma; Diarra, AbdoulayeIDRC Only
2001Supplemental irrigation with brackish water in Syria : final technical reportUniversity of Aleppo; International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas; McGill University, Dept. of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering; Jumaa, I; Oweiss, T.; Bonnell, R.; Wakil, M.; Al Ahmad, A.IDRC Only
1990Supplementary grant narrative and financial report / Latin American Computer Based Networking, phase II : Communication for ActionInstituto Latinoamericano de Estudios Transnacionales; Rodriguez, G.IDRC Only
1986Supplementary report / Root and Tuber Crop Development Project, ZanzibarIDRC, Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Sciences DivisionOpen Access
1987Supplementary report on Habitat Centre, YorkCartwright, T.J.IDRC Only
1995Supplementary report on the study on socio-cultural and motivational profile of women workers in the health delivery systemFoundation for Organisational Research and EducationIDRC Only
1981Suppliers of equipment for tropical and subtropical beekeepingInternational Bee Research AssociationIDRC Only
1989Supply and demand of wood in South Nyanza District with special reference to fish smokingKamweti, D.M.IDRC Only
1999Supply and demand research for insecticide treated nets in D.R. Congo, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, ZambiaMennonite Economic Development Associates, International Economic Development Division; Ball, J.Open Access
1988Supply constrained macroeconometric model of TanzaniaLipumba, N.; Ndulu, B.; Horton, S.; Plourde, A.IDRC Only
1989Supply constraints in the Tanzanian economy : simulation results from a macroeconometric modelHorton, S.; McLaren, J.IDRC Only
1988Supply of and demand for energy in Indonesia : the case of Java; inception reportReksohadiprodjo, S.; Wijaya, F.; Dumairy, M.A.; Saleh, S.; Sartono, R.A.IDRC Only
1976Supply of engineering servicesin Brazil : reference terms-IDRC Only
1984Supply of information on Latinamerican educationSchiefelbein, E.IDRC Only
1990Supply response in the context of structural adjustment in Sub-Saharan AfricaOyejide, T.A.Open Access
1998Supplying clean water to the citizens of NairobiSyagga, P.M.Open Access
1977Support for alternativesSpurgeon, D.IDRC Only
2006Support for communications and donor outreach : regional model forest network to Latin America; technical final reportCentro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE)IDRC Only