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1991Some ideas on the tendencies of information services by the regional information agencies of agricultural science and technologyPu Yunfeng; Li PushenOpen Access
2000Some important medicinal plants of the Western Ghats, India : a profileIDRC. Regional Office for South Asia, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Program in Asia; Warrier, P.K.; Nambiar, V.P.K.; Ganapathy, P.M.Open Access
Sep-2009Some Indicators of the Impact of our Work supported by IDRC-IDRC Only
1978Some insect pests of leguminous crops in SyriaKemkemian, A.A.Open Access
1979Some institutional approaches to the integrated development of international river basins, with special reference to Latin America : a preliminary draft reportLandau, G.D.IDRC Only
Aug-1997Some international perspectives on tourism led socio-economic developmentde Beer, Geoff; Wheeller, BrianOpen Access
1985Some issues on micrographicsArcher, R.G.Open Access
1983Some issues pertaining to technical change in the cotton textile sector in Sri LankaLakshman, W.D.Open Access
1972Some key definitions for the feasibility study of the instruments project-IDRC Only
1985Some lessons from the Chilean case for modelling and policy designFfrench-Davis, R.IDRC Only
2013Some methodologies of agricultural knowledge management for Arab users [Arabic language]Kassem, Mohamed HassanIDRC Only
1989Some new approaches to the collection of demographic data in Latin AmericaGuzmán, J.M.IDRC Only
1982Some observations on the effects of plant arrangements for intercroppingMay, K.W.; Misangu, R.Open Access
1980Some obstacles to diffusion and utilization of educational research : a brief contribution to symposium discussion on "Research and Practice in Education: How to Strengthen Links between Research and Practice in Order to Improve General Education"Omari, I.M.IDRC Only
1993Some of the contributions of Dr. Hiruy Belayneh to oilseed Brassica research in EthiopiaAlemaw, G.Open Access
1987Some options in the drafting of a constitutionBourne, C.B.IDRC Only
1974Some positive trendsPraagh, D. VanIDRC Only
2007Some progress but : role of women in local government often marginalTodes, Alison; Sithole, Pearl; Williamson, AmandaIDRC Only
1990Some reflections on economic policy, equity and healthBlomqvist, A.Open Access
1985Some reflections on reform of the United NationsBertrand, MauriceIDRC Only