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2006South African telecommunications sector performance review 2006Esselaar, Steve; Gillwald, Alison; Stork, ChristophIDRC Only
1994South Africas policy on foreign direct investment : some policy recommendationsUniversity of Cape Town, Trade Policy Monitoring Project; Eisenberg, G.S.Open Access
1987South America's homegrown macroeconomicsFine, J.C.Open Access
1976South America's inland plain : one of the world's last frontiersSanger, C.Open Access
2009South American Land Data Assimilation System (SALDAS) 5-yr retrospective atmospheric forcing datasetsde Goncalves, Luis Gustavo G.; Shuttleworth, William J.; Vila, Daniel; Larroza, Eliane; Bottino, Marcus J.IDRC Only
2006South and South East Asian Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) Workshop : reportAssociation for Progressive Communications; Garcia Ramilo, Chat; Cinco, CheekayIDRC Only
Jul-1998South and Southern African spatial development initiatives policy research and capacity building programme : a regional approach to tourism marketing, management and developmentDe Beer, G.R.M.; Mahlalela, S.G.; Mahumane, A.; Mmatli, R.A.; Maseko, A.T.IDRC Only
Oct-2013South Asia human development sector : an assessment of skills in the formal sector labor market in Bangladesh; a technical report on the enterprise-based skills survey 2012Nomura, Shinsaku; Seo Yeon Hong; Nordman, Christophe Jalil; Sarr, Leopold Remi; Vawda, Ayesha Y.IDRC Only
2009South Asia Region Conference on Gender Knowledge Production and Dissemination in Development, 30-31 January 2009, Kathmandu, NepalMilward, KirstyIDRC Only
2009South Asia Security : the India-Pakistan Dimension, Desmarais Building, University of Ottawa, April 27, 2009; summary reportJones, PeterIDRC Only
2003South Asia-Canada Dialogue on Future Agriculture : South Asia-Canada Organic Farmers Exchange Program, 2002/03; policy dialogue/workshop reportUSC Canada-NepalIDRC Only
1983South Asian focus : papers presented at the 1982 ICOMP International ConferenceInternational Committee on the Management of Population Programmes; Sattar, E.IDRC Only
1984South Asian focus : papers presented at the 1982 ICOMP International ConferenceInternational Committee on the Management of Population Programmes; Sattar, E.IDRC Only
1997South Asian preferential trading arrangement : identifying products in India's regional tradeMukherji, I.N.; Lama, M.IDRC Only
1986South Asian Regional Workshop on Women and Media in Development, New Delhi, 11-24 Mar. 1986-IDRC Only
1992South Asian women : lives, histories, strugglesYork University; Dua, E.; Qureshi, K.; Rafiq, F.; Thobani, S.; Bannerji, K.IDRC Only
1978South helping SouthDam, A. vanOpen Access
1994South KoreaMétavidea Associates; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.; Vassar, D.IDRC Only
1998South Korea : experiences of eviction in SeoulHyung-Hook KimOpen Access
1988South North : notes for remarks by Ivan L. Head, President, International Development Research Centre to the AUCC Conference on the Expanding Role of Universities in International Cooperation, Montreal, Que., 26 Apr., 1988Head, I.L.Open Access