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Jun-1995Socio-economics of root crops (Malawi) : final project reportMinde, IsaacIDRC Only
2013Socio-economics of water quality as a development catalyst in poor urban slumsMaroun, Rania; Mawla, Darine; El-Fadel, MutasemIDRC Only
1994Socio-epidemiological study of visceral leishmaniasis in resettlement and agricultural development areas in southwest Ethiopia : final technical and financial reportsAddis Ababa University. Leishmaniasis Research UnitIDRC Only
1977Sociocultural and ecological determinants of Lahu population structureSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Wongsprasert, S.IDRC Only
1982Sociocultural correlations involved in the cognitive and physical development of children from urban Guatemalade Baessa, Y.Open Access
1991Sociocultural factors influencing contraceptive behaviour (Indonesia) : research report summaryYayasan Pelayanan dan Pengembangan Masyarakat DesaIDRC Only
1994Sociocultural implications of migration (refugees from Burma)Wijeyewardene, GehanIDRC Only
2007Sociodemographic and nutritional correlates of neurobehavioral development : a study of young children in a rural region of EcuadorHandal, Alexis J.; Lozoff, Betsy; Breilh, Jaime; Harlow, Siobán D.IDRC Only
2004Socioeconomic analyses of biodiversity-rich agricultural production systems: practical methods for measuring land use system performanceVosti, Stephen A.; Chambers, Kimberlee; Morejohn, BrittaIDRC Only
1994Socioeconomic and environmental impact of neem (Azadirachta indica) in KenyaNwonwu, F.O.C.; Mutai, R.C.IDRC Only
1984Socioeconomic and health program effects upon the behavioural management of diarrhoeal disease in Northeast ThailandPopulation Council. South and East Asia Regional Office; Earmporn Thongkrajai; Pramote ThongkrajaiIDRC Only
1990Socioeconomic aspects of the three strata forage system in BaliArga, I.W.Open Access
1996Socioeconomic assessment and valuation of the environmental impacts of the Makban geothermal power plant, Laguna, PhilippinesBriones, Nicomedes D.; Butardo-Toribio, Ma. Zita; Dakila-Bergonia, Alicia; Orno, Jesusita L.IDRC Only
1988Socioeconomic considerations in the control of the leishmaniasesWijerayatne, P.M.IDRC Only
1988Socioeconomic determinants of child health in GhanaTwumasi, P.A.Open Access
2000Socioeconomic renovation in Viet Nam : the origin, evolution, and impact of Doi MoiBoothroyd, Peter; Pham Xuan NamOpen Access
1991Socioeconomic research for agroforestry systems development : proceedings of an international workshop "International Centre for Research in Agroforestry", Nairobi, 2-6 September 1991Franzel, Steven; Avila, MarcelinoIDRC Only
Nov-2000Socioeconomic, agricultural and environmental implications of Qat production / consumption in Yemen : consultancy report (7 November to 19 November, 2000)Tedla, ShibruOpen Access
1980Sociological approach to water developmentKandawire, J.A.K.Open Access
1985Sociología del rendimiento en matemática : apuntes sobre la metodología empleada y hallazgos principalesYunén, R.E.; Luna, E.; González, S.IDRC Only