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2004South African 2004 ICT sector performance reviewGillwald, Alison; Esselaar, StephenIDRC Only
Jul-1996South African fruit processing industry : is the climate ripe?Hanival, StephenIDRC Only
2010South African ICT sector performance review, 2009/2010Esselaar, Steve; Gillwald, Alison; Moyo, Mpho; Naidoo, KammyOpen Access
Nov-1996South African industrial policy and the learning firm : a case study of Bell Equipment Ltd.Kaplinsky, Raphael; Mhlongo, EdmundIDRC Only
1991South African journeyMétavidea Associates; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.IDRC Only
Aug-1997South African land markets, land reform and emergent black farmersJohnston, Deborah; Aliber, MichaelIDRC Only
Mar-2011South African mining equipment and related services : growth, constraints and policyKaplan, DavidIDRC Only
2009South African National Networking Meeting on Climate Change Adaptation, the Airport Grand Hotel, Johannesburg, 18 June 2009Lorimer, Elin; Arendse, Adele; Koelle, Bettina; Indigo development and change; Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG)Open Access
31-Mar-2004South African retrospective : from apartheid to democracy; an external report on the role of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) in SA during transitionGrawitzky, ReneeOpen Access
Aug-1997South African spatial development initiatives programme : issue paper – “some international perspectives on tourism led socio-economic development”De Beer, Geoff; Wheeller, BrianIDRC Only
Aug-1997South African spatial development initiatives programme : tourism development and the empowerment of local communitiesDe Beer, Geoff; Elliffe, SeanIDRC Only
2003South African telecommunications sector performance review 2003Gillwald, Alison; Kane, SeanIDRC Only
2006South African telecommunications sector performance review 2006Esselaar, Steve; Gillwald, Alison; Stork, ChristophIDRC Only
1994South Africas policy on foreign direct investment : some policy recommendationsUniversity of Cape Town, Trade Policy Monitoring Project; Eisenberg, G.S.Open Access
1987South America's homegrown macroeconomicsFine, J.C.Open Access
1976South America's inland plain : one of the world's last frontiersSanger, C.Open Access
2009South American Land Data Assimilation System (SALDAS) 5-yr retrospective atmospheric forcing datasetsde Goncalves, Luis Gustavo G.; Shuttleworth, William J.; Vila, Daniel; Larroza, Eliane; Bottino, Marcus J.IDRC Only
2006South and South East Asian Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) Workshop : reportAssociation for Progressive Communications; Garcia Ramilo, Chat; Cinco, CheekayIDRC Only
Jul-1998South and Southern African spatial development initiatives policy research and capacity building programme : a regional approach to tourism marketing, management and developmentDe Beer, G.R.M.; Mahlalela, S.G.; Mahumane, A.; Mmatli, R.A.; Maseko, A.T.IDRC Only
Oct-2013South Asia human development sector : an assessment of skills in the formal sector labor market in Bangladesh; a technical report on the enterprise-based skills survey 2012Nomura, Shinsaku; Seo Yeon Hong; Nordman, Christophe Jalil; Sarr, Leopold Remi; Vawda, Ayesha Y.IDRC Only