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1987Some options in the drafting of a constitutionBourne, C.B.IDRC Only
1974Some positive trendsPraagh, D. VanIDRC Only
2007Some progress but : role of women in local government often marginalTodes, Alison; Sithole, Pearl; Williamson, AmandaIDRC Only
1990Some reflections on economic policy, equity and healthBlomqvist, A.Open Access
1985Some reflections on reform of the United NationsBertrand, MauriceIDRC Only
1996Some reflections on SMMEs : past support and future directions; finalPolicy Research International, Inc.; Rath, A.; Viveiros, A.Open Access
1976Some remarks on the nature and viability of self-relianceSagasti, Francisco R.IDRC Only
1980Some remarks on the roles of advisers and advocatesSalzman, P.C.Open Access
1987Some results from solar drying tests at the Centre national de recherches agronomiquesModou Mbengue, H.Open Access
1988Some social, behavioural and environmental factors contributing to childhood diarrhoeaWijewardene, K.A.K.K.IDRC Only
1983Some socio-economic factors related to rural water useBishaw, M.; Medhin, Z.G.IDRC Only
1980Some sociological aspects of sanitation provision (with particular reference to Botswana)Mbere, N.Open Access
1972Some sociologically oriented suggestions for cross national research of technological policy instrumentsInstituto Torcuato di Tella; O'Donnell, G.A.IDRC Only
1995Some technological aspects of an environmentally sustainable policy for TurkeyEconomic Research Forum; Sayan, Serdar; Durgun, SuleymanOpen Access
1975Some thoughts on a possible approach to changes of structure within the United Nations system for consideration of the special session of the General Assembly.Strong, M.F.IDRC Only
1975Some thoughts on a world information service related to rural water supplies and sanitation in developing countriesWoolston, J.E.; Brandreth, M.IDRC Only
1973Some thoughts on AGRIS Level TwoWoolston, J.E.IDRC Only
1975Some thoughts on higher educationInternational Council for Educational Development; SoedjatmokoIDRC Only
1973Some thoughts on IDRC's role in supporting rural development projects in Latin AmericaIDRC, Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Sciences Division; Weber, E.J.; Nestel, B.L.Open Access
1978Some thoughts on information needs and services for rural development in poor countries : preliminary draftBroadbent, K.P.Open Access