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2012State and merger regulation in South Africa : law and practiseBonakele, TembinkosiIDRC Only
1988State and regional movements in the Peruvian highlands : the case of Cusco, 1895-1985Rénique, J.L.IDRC Only
1993State and the provision of social services in Sierra Leone since independence, 1961-91Magbaily Fyle, C.IDRC Only
2013State as a developmental actor : state forms for social transformationKerstenetzky, Celia Lessa; Kerstenetzky, JaquesOpen Access
1981State as managerRahman, A.T.R.Open Access
1974State Enterprise and the choice of technologiesErber, Fabio StefanoIDRC Only
1980State enterprises and technological developmentScience and Technology Policy Instruments Project; IDRC; Erber, F.S.; Dain, S.; Monteiro, D.M.; Avalos, I.; Rengifo, R.; Nadal E., A.Open Access
1978State enterprises and technology policy in STPI instrumentsScience and Technology Policy Instruments Project; Sagasti, F.R.; Lauer, M.IDRC Only
Apr-2012State monopolies in MexicoMotta, Eduardo PérezIDRC Only
2013State of development thoughtMalone, David M.; Kanbur, Ravi; Medhora, Rohinton; Currie-Alder, BruceOpen Access
1993State of distance education in Eastern and Southern Africa : report of the DESESA Pre-Project Workshop, Nairobi, 21-27 November 1993Gitau, Ben K.IDRC Only
1990State of graduate training in economics in Eastern and Southern AfricaMukras, M.S.Open Access
2013State of India development evaluationInstitute for Human DevelopmentOpen Access
May-2014State of internet freedoms in East Africa, 2014 : an investigation into the policies and practices defining internet freedom in East AfricaCollaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA). OpenNet AfricaOpen Access
1991State of nature conservation in MalaysiaKiew, R.IDRC Only
1991State of Philippines Upland Research: Profile and Annotated Bibliography, Volume ILibrero, Araceli D; Lameyra, Zosima CIDRC Only
1991State of Philippines Upland Research: Profile and Annotated Bibliography, Volume IILibrero, Araceli D; Lameyara, Zosima C; Lansigan, Evangeline PIDRC Only
1985State of research for development in the post production system of sorghums and millets in Southern AfricaSchmidt, O.G.A.Open Access
1995State of science and technology in South Africa : new priorities, new policiesUniversity of Cape Town. Development Policy Research Unit; Kaplan, D.Open Access
2009State of social sciences in Iraq universities : survey and assessmentJabar, Faleh A.; Said, Haydar; Najjar, Shirzad; Jamil, Asmaa; Kubaisi, Yihya; Atwan, MuhammadIDRC Only