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1987Solar drying problems in TogoAmouzou, K.; Gnininvi, M.; Kerim, B.Open Access
1982Solar energy and its potential role in the development of arid areasNational Research Centre; Sakr, I.A.IDRC Only
1982Solar energy as a heat source in crop drying in Sierra LeoneBassey, M.W.Open Access
1981Solar energy conversion II : selected lectures from the 1980 International Symposium on Solar Energy Utilization, London, Ontario, Canada, Aug. 10-24, 1980Janzen, A.F.; Swartman, R.K.IDRC Only
1987Solar energy for crop drying in developing countriesArinze, E.A.Open Access
1983Solar energy in the tropicsIsaza D., J.F.IDRC Only
1987Solar energy research for crop drying in KenyaSebbowa, F.B.Open Access
1987Solar energy systems for rural developmentBassey, M.W.Open Access
1990Solar energy technology in Tanzania : a final reportEastern Africa Technology Policy Studies Network; Kashinje, S.P.IDRC Only
1983Solar food drying in ZambiaKwendakwema, Nicholas JohnIDRC Only
1993Solar oven manMétavidea Associates; Vision TV; MacDonald, F.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; Froese, J.IDRC Only
1990Solar powered desalination : a case study from BotswanaYates, R.; Woto, T.; Tlhage, J.T.Open Access
1982Solar rice dryer : do it yourself handbookAsian Institute of Technology, Renewable Energy Resources Information Centre; Sompong Boonthumjinda; Somjedh Rongtawng; Wattanachart KaewnikomIDRC Only
1984Solar rice drying project (Thailand) : a report of researchExell, R.H.B.; Boonthumjinda, SompongIDRC Only
1988Solar sterilizerInstitute of Engineering and Rural TechnologyIDRC Only
1984Solar thermal central receiver power generation technology : prospects for the developing worldEnergy Research Group; Weingart, J.M.IDRC Only
1987Solar ultraviolet radiation : assessment and application for drinking water disinfectionAcra, Aftim; Jurdi, May; Mu'allem, Houssam; Karahagopian, Yester; Raffoul, ZeinaIDRC Only
1990Solar water disinfection : proceedings of a workshop held at the Brace Research Institute, Montreal, Que., Canada, 15-17 Aug. 1988Lawand, T.A.; Alward, R.; Odeyemi, O.; Hahn, J.; Kandpal, T.C.; Ayoub, J.Open Access
1988Soldiers and stability in Southeast AsiaDjwandono, J.S.; Young Mun CheongIDRC Only
1978Soleil : providence du désertAggarwal, N.Open Access