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2001Study on urban and peri-urban agricultural development (UPAD) for assured supply of quality vegetables in Kathmandu and Pokhara valleysGreen Energy MissionIDRC Only
1990Study on use of traditional and low cost building material in the modern housing sectorNational Council of Churches of KenyaIDRC Only
1987Study on value education in IndonesiaSEARRAG Berhad; Nasoetion, N.; Librata, G.IDRC Only
2001Study on water management regime based on property rights allocation and tradeoff : taking Xinjiang Tarim River Basin as an exampleLiu Wen-qiang; Zhai Qing; Gu Shu-huaIDRC Only
1999Study report : the changing institutional arrangements under social policy reform in Zambia; the case of health reformsMasiye, Giilbert P.C.; Tembo, Robert; Wonani, Charlotte; Kakuwa, E.IDRC Only
1986Study report on development in rural ThailandPinit RatanakulIDRC Only
1981Study report on Thai - Chinese scientific cooperation on the study of postharvest diseases of fruit and vegetables in Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China, June 6-19, 1981Sing, Ching TongdeeIDRC Only
1983Study report on the intensive nursing of fry in circular plastic poolsPradhan, G.B.; Shrestha, N.IDRC Only
1985Study Seminar 117 : Microelectronics, Automation and Industrialization-IDRC Only
1974Study service : a surveyFussell, Diana; Quarmby, AndrewOpen Access
1976Study service in Indonesia : a preliminary reportIndonesian Research Team on Study ServiceIDRC Only
1976Study service in Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement, Sri Lanka, 1958-1976Ratnapala, N.IDRC Only
1981Study tour : IDRC Office and projects; Singapore and Malaysia, 22-29 Sept. 1981Siribaddhana, E.IDRC Only
1998Study tour in Thailand and Malaysia (26 April - 5 May 1998)Nong, Kim; Vanntha, Nin; Carson, TobyIDRC Only
1986Study tour of some institutions and governments ministries in five African countries involved in guidance and counselling and / or classroom interactions research, 1-22 Feb. 1986National University of Lesotho. Institute of Education; Montsi, Merci Y.IDRC Only
1987Study visit report on the Educational Management Information System in the Republic of IndonesiaThailand. Office of the National Education Commission; Panom Pongpaibool; Chinnapat Bhumirat; Prapaht JumpathaiIDRC Only
1999Study visit to Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire and Senegal with regard to the proposed Pan African research on education and health policy reforms in Africa : mission reportEgunjobi, L.; Falayajo, W.IDRC Only
1994Studying hygiene behaviour : methods, issues and experiencesCairncross, S.; Kochar, V.IDRC Only
1989Stump sprouts in the Milpa cycle and their role in forest regenerationRewald, M.IDRC Only
1993Stumpage appraisal in public forestation planning situations : a case study of Sao Hill Forest Project, TanzaniaSokoine University of Agriculture; Mgeni, A.S.M.; Price, C.IDRC Only