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1983Solar food drying in ZambiaKwendakwema, Nicholas JohnIDRC Only
1993Solar oven manMétavidea Associates; Vision TV; MacDonald, F.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; Froese, J.IDRC Only
1990Solar powered desalination : a case study from BotswanaYates, R.; Woto, T.; Tlhage, J.T.Open Access
1982Solar rice dryer : do it yourself handbookAsian Institute of Technology, Renewable Energy Resources Information Centre; Sompong Boonthumjinda; Somjedh Rongtawng; Wattanachart KaewnikomIDRC Only
1984Solar rice drying project (Thailand) : a report of researchExell, R.H.B.; Boonthumjinda, SompongIDRC Only
1988Solar sterilizerInstitute of Engineering and Rural TechnologyIDRC Only
1984Solar thermal central receiver power generation technology : prospects for the developing worldEnergy Research Group; Weingart, J.M.IDRC Only
1987Solar ultraviolet radiation : assessment and application for drinking water disinfectionAcra, Aftim; Jurdi, May; Mu'allem, Houssam; Karahagopian, Yester; Raffoul, ZeinaIDRC Only
1990Solar water disinfection : proceedings of a workshop held at the Brace Research Institute, Montreal, Que., Canada, 15-17 Aug. 1988Lawand, T.A.; Alward, R.; Odeyemi, O.; Hahn, J.; Kandpal, T.C.; Ayoub, J.Open Access
1988Soldiers and stability in Southeast AsiaDjwandono, J.S.; Young Mun CheongIDRC Only
1978Soleil : providence du désertAggarwal, N.Open Access
1978Soleil changé en eauMéchin, B.Open Access
1989Soleil et la guerreBourgoing, R.Open Access
2002Solid waste segregation and recycling in Metro Manila : household attitudes and behaviorIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia, Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia; Bennagen, E.C.; Nepomuceno, G.; Covar, R.Open Access
1997Solidaridad en el dolorInstituto de Sexualidad HumanaIDRC Only
2003Solidarité communautaire améliore l'hygiène et la santé à KatmandouDale, S.Open Access
2003Solidarité numérique, clé du développement en Afrique : interview avec M. Abdoulaye Wade, Président du SénégalCamara, M.L.Open Access
2009Solidarity economics : a continental network for the co-production of knowledgeMendell, Marguerite; Concordia UniversityIDRC Only
2007Solidarity or financial sustainability : an analysis of the values of community-based health insurance subscribers and promoters in SenegalOuimet, Marie-Jo; Fournier, Pierre; Diop, Idrissa; Haddad, SlimIDRC Only
1986Solo una parte de la solución : reforma agrariaCampbell, F.A.Open Access