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1988Sociología en Chile : instituciones y practicantesBarrios, A.; Brunner, J.J.IDRC Only
1977Sociology of foodZagorin, Ruth K.Open Access
1989Socios en el aprendizajeButtedahl, P.Open Access
1975Soeurs Yeh : médecins aux pied nusPinard, D.Open Access
1994Software development for sustainable computer networking in Africa : final technical report and recommendationsNirv Community Resource CentreIDRC Only
1987Software en el sector público argentinoArgentina. Secretaría de Ciencia y Técnica, Subsecretaría de Informática y Desarrollo; Galina, N.C.IDRC Only
2011Software extensibility strategies for health and demographic systems in low-income countriesHartsock, Brian; MacLeod, Bruce; Roberge, David; Asangansi, ImeIDRC Only
1984Software for bibliographic applications on microcomputers : where do we go from here?Valantin, R.Open Access
2006Software for development : a documentary and case studiesUNDP Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme’s (UNDP-APDIP)IDRC Only
2006Software for development : a documentary and case studies; technical reportUNDP Asia Pacific Development Information Programme (UNDP-APDIP)IDRC Only
1990Software industry : an opportunity for Latin America?Correa, C.M.IDRC Only
2002Software industry in the West Bank and Gaza Strip : reality and prospects-IDRC Only
1999Software integration for environmental managementChabanyuk, V.S.; Obvintsev, O.V.Open Access
1999Software internationalization architectures for decision support systemsHall, P.A.V.Open Access
1986Software made in IndiaRaj, J.Open Access
1983Software policies for the developing worldWills, Russel M.Open Access
2000Software to manage vital statistics and municipal budgetsThiam, C.Open Access
2012Soigner en temps de gratuité au Niger : stratégies des soignants face aux exemptions de paiementDiarra, AïssaIDRC Only
1994Soil - plant - water relations for mustardDharmasri, L.C.IDRC Only
1980Soil : NepalAgricultural Projects Services CentreIDRC Only