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1969Scientific and technical information; towards a total policy in support of economic and social development.Cooney, S.IDRC Only
1995Scientific and technological development of rice fish culture in ChinaZhang RongquanOpen Access
1978Scientific and technological dimensions of the new international economic order : an exploratory studyPizano, Diego; Perry, GuillermoIDRC Only
1991Scientific and technological information is a potential productive forceZhu BinlongOpen Access
1975Scientific awakening in the Arab worldDorozynski, A.Open Access
Nov-2012Scientific data management trainingNabasirye, Margaret; Tumwebaze, Susan Balaba; Ekwamu, AdipalaOpen Access
1975Scientific literature servicesSoutheast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture; Cooney, S.IDRC Only
Jun-2012Scientific report / 2012 Pre-ICN Forum on Competition and Development : The State as a Market Player or a Market-Power Broker?Farina, Elizabeth M.M.Q.; Monteiro, Guilherme Fowler A.; De Mello Tito, Fabiana F.IDRC Only
2009Scientific report : an ecosystemic perspective of the reinfestation process with Triatoma infestans in rural communities of the ecoregion of the Gran ChacoGürtler, Ricardo E.; Rojas de Arias, Antonieta; Noireau, FrançoisIDRC Only
2007Scientific report : competition issues in the distribution sector in Armenia, 1 May, 2007 to 31 January, 2007State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition of the Republic of ArmeniaIDRC Only
2007Scientific report : direct and indirect tobacco advertisement, sponsorship and promotion in four cities of China-IDRC Only
2007Scientific report : tobacco use prevalence study among physicians and nurses and their attitudes towards tobacco control in the Kyrgyz RepublicBekbasarova, ChinaraIDRC Only
2007Scientific report of findings : gender at work, Indian change catalyst programKelleher, David; Rao, Aruna; Sengupta, AnasuyaIDRC Only
1976Scientific-technical area of the Argentine public sector : objectives and resourcesOszlak, OscarIDRC Only
1979Scientifiques au secours du rotinGraham, M.Open Access
1980Scientifiques au villageIcamina, P.Open Access
1977Scientifiques envisagent de diffuser la maîtrise de la féconditéFleury, J.M.IDRC Only
1977Scientist as poetDorozynski, A.Open Access
1981Scientists : special targets for government repression?Goldemberg, J.Open Access
2000Scientists and farmers join forces to conserve Mexico's maize diversityGuénette, L.Open Access