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2005Science and technology status and perspectives in Algeria and in the context of NEPADRebbah, H.; Berrah, M.K.IDRC Only
1988Science and technology strategy and policy on economic development in Singapore : report on visit by delegation of SSTC, Oct. 1-9, 1987China. State Science and Technology CommissionIDRC Only
1987Science and the printed word : training for Third World editorsMontagnes, I.Open Access
1991Science at the Service of Women : Initial Planning Workshop for the Women, Science and Development Programme; report, Toronto, Canada, Mar. 19-21, 1991International Federation of Institutes for Advanced Study; Huyer, S.IDRC Only
1981Science à la uneSormany, P.Open Access
1974Science calls up an army of microbes to make proteinSpurgeon, D.IDRC Only
1992Science curriculumCentro de Investigación y Desarrollo de la Educación; Ogborn, J.IDRC Only
1979Science dans les médias d'AsieShirkie, R.Open Access
1992Science de GaïaFleury, J.M.IDRC Only
1978Science demystifiedSuzuki, D.Open Access
1992Science devenue populaire au NépalKhanal, P.Open Access
1994Science en actionCRDIOpen Access
1994Science en action : au secours des récifsCRDIOpen Access
1994Science en action : bâtir la démocratieCRDIOpen Access
1994Science en action : de l'eau pure pour le SudCRDIOpen Access
1994Science en action : l'eau à l'essaiCRDIOpen Access
1994Science en action : le canola; une grande réussiteCRDIOpen Access
1994Science en action : nuages pris au piègeCRDIOpen Access
1994Science en action : paludisme et noix de cocoCRDIOpen Access
1994Science en action : un lien électronique vitalCRDIOpen Access