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1982Short course and single dose antimicrobial therapy of chancroid in Kenya : reports of studies with rifampin combined with trimethoprim and rifampin alonePlummer, F.A.; Nsanze, H.; D'Costa, L.J.; Maggwa, A.B.N.; Girouard, Y.IDRC Only
1986Short Course in Economics for Agricultural Engineers and Food Technologists, 17 November-13 December, 1986Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. Faculty of Economics and ManagementIDRC Only
1987Short course on the application of fluid inclusion techniques to the study of hydrothermal ore depositsMineral Exploration Research Institute; Williams-Jones, A.E.; Linnen, R.L.IDRC Only
1986Short draft report on the Joint Warm Rain ExperimentNissen, R.IDRC Only
1976Short glossary of selected, agricultural and sociological terms of Asian originBroadbent, K.P.IDRC Only
2012Short guide to Gross National Happiness IndexUra, Karma; Alkire, Sabina; Zangmo, Tshoki; Wangdi, KarmaIDRC Only
1983Short report on participation at the International Symposiurn on Tilapia in Aquaculture, Nazareth, Israel, May 8-13, 1983Uraiwan, SupattraIDRC Only
1995Short run macroeconomic effects of bank lending rates in Nigeria, 1987-91 : a computable general equilibrium analysisAjakaiye, D.O.Open Access
1977Short summary of methods of testing grains, seeds, and related products for protein contentWilliams, P.C.Open Access
2007Short summary report : WaDimena Egypt Workshop at South Tahrir Research Station, September 8-10, 2007-IDRC Only
1988Short term interaction between nitrate and ammonium uptake for cells of a marine diatom grown under different degrees of light limitationKedong YinIDRC Only
1991Short term intermittent chemotherapy in the management of pulmonary tuberculosisChaube, C.K.; Tiwari, V.K.; Gautam, K.D.; Khurana, V.K.IDRC Only
1984Short term storage of Sarotherodon mossambicus ovaHarvey, B.; Kelley, R.N.IDRC Only
1984Short-term courses in information management for students from developing countries : a proposal prepared for the International Development Research CentrePacker, K.H.IDRC Only
2009Should Chile use renewables, fossil fuel or hydropower for future electricity supply? : evidence from a contingent valuation studyAravena Novielli, ClaudiaOpen Access
16-Mar-2011Should electricity regulators promote competition?Malik, Payal; Dubash, Navroz K.IDRC Only
2009Should shrimp farmers pay paddy farmers? : the challenges of examining salinisation externalities in South IndiaUmamaheswari, L.; Hattab, K. Omar; Nasurudeen, P.; Selvaraj, P.Open Access
2011Shoulder to shoulder or face to face? : Canada's university - civil society collaborations on research and knowledge for international developmentChernikova, ElenaOpen Access
1965Showing farmers the value of research at "open days".Cooney, S.; Walshe, M.J.IDRC Only
1994Shqae'q al-Nouma'n : a quarterly magazineEvangelical Lutheran Church; Education for Awareness and Involvement Program; Atrash, Imad; PLO. Department of General and Higher EducationIDRC Only