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1994Science in action : breeding a better bananaIDRCOpen Access
1994Science in action : building for democracyIDRCOpen Access
1994Science in action : canola; Canadian success storyIDRCOpen Access
1994Science in action : clouds on tapIDRCOpen Access
1994Science in action : malaria control in a nutshellIDRCOpen Access
1994Science in action : reef reliefIDRCOpen Access
1994Science in action : testing the watersIDRCOpen Access
1975Science in Canada.Spurgeon, D.IDRC Only
1972Science in China.Encyclopaedia Britannica Incorporated; Oldham, C.H.G.IDRC Only
1982Science in serviceIDRC; Shirkie, R.Open Access
1979Science news that's fit to printShirkie, R.Open Access
1973Science of the culture of freshwater fish species in ChinaChina. Committee for the Collection of Experiences in the Culture of Freshwater Fish Species in ChinaOpen Access
1983Science of writingHuggan, B.Open Access
1980Science policy in the Philippines : the education and training of scientists and engineersCaoili, Olivia C.; Department of Political Studies, Queen's UniversityOpen Access
1973Science policy in Venezuela; report.Whitehead, J.R.Open Access
1972Science policy instruments : a pre-project studyRTZ Consultants Limited; Jones, GrahamIDRC Only
1973Science policy instruments : preliminary listJones, Graham; Sagasti, FranciscoIDRC Only
1983Science policy of the People's Republic of ChinaDeshingkar, G.Open Access
1989Science Popularization Project : project report (1 Oct. 1987-15 July 1989)Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology; Pokhrel, G.P.IDRC Only
1987Science popularization project, Nepal (1985 – 1987) : final project reportRoyal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (RONAST)IDRC Only