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2002Sharing the land, shaping the future : in Lebanon, social consensus and institutional revival were key ingredients in the search for a sustainable land use strategyDale, StephenOpen Access
1975Sharing the load in Cuba-Open Access
2005Sharing traditional knowledge for commerce : the power of bargaining strengthBhagirathy, K. Aparna; Bellamy, RufusOpen Access
1997Sheep / goat and olive cropping systems in the West Bank : a study on the possibilities and limitations of integrationMA'AN Development Center; Dubbeling, M.; Meyboom, M.; Hartmann, A.IDRC Only
1984Sheep and goats : small ruminants with large potentialKhalfan, Z.Open Access
1979Sheep as pilot animalsHeaney, D.P.Open Access
2008Sheep husbandry and reproduction improvement in low- rainfall areas of West Asia and North AfricaNefzaoui, Ali; Salman, Ala'a; El-Mourid, MohamedIDRC Only
1989Sheep production in Asia : proceedings of the Workshop on Sheep Production in Asia, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines, 18-23 Apr. 1988IDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia, Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Sciences Division; Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development; Devendra, C.; Faylon, P.S.Open Access
1981Shelled lupine (lupino; altramuz) beans / Haricots lupins (lupino; altramuz) décortiquésMcKee, NeillOpen Access
1991Shellfish repopulation and resource management : a pilot experience of technological transference at a central Chile artisanal cove, Caleta Quintay; informe técnico finalCastilla, J.C.IDRC Only
1986Shelling peanuts the easy way : a boost to Thai farmersMarchand, D.Open Access
1996Shelter and environmental improvement for the urban poor in HanoiHanoi Architectural Institute; Dang To Tuan; Nguyen Huu Dung; Nguyen To Lang; Nguyen Viet Chau; Nguyen Ba DangIDRC Only
1994Shelter for Argentina's homelessTapia, MarcelaOpen Access
2008Shelter from the storm : the land struggles of bonded labor in IndiaKhedkar, R.; Buckles, Daniel J.; Patil, D.; Ghevde, B.Open Access
1985Shelter, infrastructure and services in Third World citiesHardoy, Jorge E.; Satterthwaite, DavidIDRC Only
2005Shelter, livelihoods and urban space : exploring the linkages in Mexico CityWigle, S.J.IDRC Only
1983Shelterbelt effects in tropical and temperate zones : summary of findings for African drylandsIDRC; Jensen, A.M.Open Access
1983Shelterbelt research project, 1975-1983 : terminal reportForestry Research Institute of NigeriaIDRC Only
1990Shelters for the great numberCommunication Centre of Scientific Knowledge for Self-RelianceIDRC Only
1990Shewaynesh : women refugeesMétavidea Associates; Radio-Québec; Puchniak, T.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.; Cornellier, R.IDRC Only