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1993Science - led development in Africa : proceedings of the First Roundtable of Science Advisors for Science - Led Development in Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, 20-22 Jan. 1993African Technology Policy Studies NetworkIDRC Only
1987Science achievement in Ghana : the Second IEA Science StudyNtumi, Robert AkudeIDRC Only
2011Science Africa : Africa's leading publication on science innovation and development; vol. 14 January-February 2011Owuor, OtulaIDRC Only
1987Science and development : address by Professor Abdus Salam, Director, International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste and President, Third World Academy of SciencesInternational Centre for Theoretical Physics; Salam, AbdusIDRC Only
1987Science and environment : bio-geochemical perspective of BangladeshJahangirnagar University; Safiullah, S.IDRC Only
2000Science and public policy : how the twain might meet; plenary paperIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia, Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia; Malayang, B.Open Access
2010Science and public policy : the journal of science, research, technology, innovation and policy; v. 37, no. 7, August 2010Borrás, Susana; Vonortas, Nicholas; Wagner, Caroline S.; Dutrénit, GabrielaIDRC Only
1980Science and science policy in the Arab worldZahlan, A.B.IDRC Only
1985Science and technology / environment and developmentBifani, PaoloIDRC Only
1990Science and technology : issues from the peripheryRath, A.IDRC Only
1969Science and technology : the Chinese experienceOldham, C.H.G.Open Access
1988Science and technology : what can be done?Argenti, G.; Filgueira, C.; Sutz, J.IDRC Only
1973Science and technology and the development of Korea : phase one report, Korean Science Technology Policy Instruments ProjectKorea Advanced Institute of Science. Program on Science, Technology and SocietyIDRC Only
1973Science and technology applied to less - developed countriesNational Defence College of Canada; Tardif, H.P.IDRC Only
2006Science and technology for Africa's development : building a regional platform for political engagement and strategic action; final technical reportNew Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD); Mugabe, JohnOpen Access
1982Science and technology for agriculture in developing areas : some policy and institutional implications for the 1980s with reference to GhanaDodoo, R.IDRC Only
1981Science and technology for developmentShiferaw, G.IDRC Only
1980Science and technology for development : a review of schools of thought on science, technology, development, and technical changeSagasti, FranciscoOpen Access
1980Science and technology for development : a selection of background papers for the main comparative report of the STPI project; part A - science and technology policy and developmentOldham, Geoffrey H.; Cardettini, Onelia; Halty Carrère, MáximoOpen Access
1980Science and technology for development : a selection of background papers for the main comparative report of the STPI project; part B – consulting and design engineering capabilities in developing countriesMalhotra, A.K.Open Access